Aparently Christians have different sex to everyone else


I am quite sure that fundies frown on anyone having an orgasm unless it is deeply unpleasant and followed by a bout of whipping yourself with barbed wire.

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And you can get christian sex toys, blessed by and endorsed by the pope.


I didnt explore the sex toys shop cos the idea of a christian armed with a 12 inch dildo is really quite unpleasant.Although you can possibly get your own personal vibrating Jeebus.

For the christian who feels even more inadequate than usual

I'm a huge believer in the idea that not getting laid enough (or good enough when done) is a major reason why fundamentalists are so freaking nuts. So therefore, anything that encourages them to have more (and better) sex is ok by me.
Thats possibly very true, what they really need is a good seeing to and the world would be put to rights, and no I am not volunteering before you ask.
Although some of the more attractive ones can apply for Dr karl's realignment therapy.
No anyway what annoyed me was the cynical way that they have just taken a sex toy website and said its only for christians who only have nice sex while the heathans have nasty dirty sweaty sex.
Not that there is anything wrong with nasty dirty sweaty sex ;-)
At least those people are willing to admit that sex can be fun.I notice this is a British site.American fundies would never have such a site(as far as I know).Around here most children are brought to their parents by storks!LOL!!(And they arrive wearing diapers already)




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