Oh The Blasphemy ( That is a sarcastic title in reference to the demands that AMC remove Preacher )

Here is a clip from Preacher on AMC where the descendant of Christ ( who has been inbred to preserve the bloodline ) is revealed. It is a comedy satirizing religion and conspiracy. Of course christian groups are screaming to have it removed. We would never see similar satire of Muhammad on TV. The South Park creators , for example, wanted to air a satirical skit of Muhammad on Comedy Central, as they have of Scientology, Jesus and Joseph Smith but were not permitted to do so. Is that due to fear of a Charlie Hebdo inspired murderous incident ? Just to be clear to replies that do not get sarcasm - I do not really think this is blasphemy. On the contrary, I think it is an exercise in free speech.

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I have mentioned the AMC program to a Christian friend of mine who immediately told me that the program was not Christian. I never said it was, and we went through the "no true Scottsman" argument again. My friend would not know satire if it bit him in the ass. He is only interested in "true" religious things.  LOL

Mohammad most definitely was not chaste. He married Aisha, among other women, who was at the age of 6 and purportedly consummated it when she was 9. He was in his 50's. He was, by modern western views, a pedophile.

Meh, doesn't look like my kind of show.

The thread was not intended as an endorsement of the show but to ponder why satirizing Christianity is tolerated but Islam is not.



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