ok, can atheists please stop voting for Republicans now?


seriously people.  this is what Republicans think of us.  you don't have to love the Democrats but at least they don't hate you.  you may like "small gov't" (whatever that means) or guns or lower taxes.  but you'll get most of that stuff with Dems and little of it affects you anyhow.  

the Republican party has become a club for white Christian (preferably) men.  if you're an atheist and call yourself a Republican please realize that they hate you.  they probably can't even know or else you'll be cast off.  you're the religious version of an Uncle Tom.  with Eric Cantor's primary loss the make up of Republicans in Congress is 100% Christian.  99% white Christian (one black representative was appointed).  and most of them are scary religious.  the anti-science folk, the jesus is coming back sooners, the gays will destroy us all idiots.  sorry, you can't like small gov't enough to tolerate being lumped in with those freaks.  

i implore you, please switch your voter registration.  become an independent but vote with the normal people.  at least until they go bye bye in which case feel free to go back to your gov't hating ways.  in the meantime help vote superstitious weirdos out of office by supporting the only party that is perfectly fine with you.  as my Jewish grandmother used to say, "try it, you might like it".  

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Well analyzed and well said, Pat.

I strongly suspect Michael will ultimately abandon this cult, but unfortunately will probably adhere to another one.

I agree; he will in time abandon his present cult. He will then find another.

That's because it's easier to change cults than it is to give up the need for a cult.

You do have a way with words Matt. Well said.

It seems like some people make it their goal in life to irritate others.
I don't understand it.

I'm with you, Freethinker31. All of that is true.

Michael P. says "I do not like the democrat party, so I vote for the other major party."

I am accustomed to seeing a higher level of thought on this site.  I do not like the Republican party, but there are reasons why I don't.  I vote for Democrats not just to defeat Republicans, but to put  into effect an economic system which has been proven to work.  And to help those whom I would like to help but lack the personal resources, so I vote for us to cooperate and provide food and other necessities.  If the majority doesn't want to participate, they vote Republican, and people starve.  Or are refused a chance to live in our country with their parents and are sent back to where they probably won't live long.  Or many other bad scenarios. 

But because you don't like my party?  Sounds pretty shallow.

yes, there's no doubt they actively discriminate against atheists.  and they push the ahistoric notion that America is a Christian nation, while taking a sledgehammer to the wall of separation of church and state.  until the Republican party changes their ways there is simply no valid reason for an atheist to support their nonsense. we could discuss taxes, immigration, gun control, spending, etc. till the cows come home. i'm against the GOP all pretty much every issue.  but were it not for the religious shit they push i wouldn't have a problem with an atheist who disagrees with the Dems on those issues and chose to vote Republican.  but you simply can't separate them now.  atheists, minorities, lgbt folk, and women should vote vote vote these maniacs out.  it's the only way they'll learn.  

Excellent, matt

Here is some demographic info from the Pew Research foundation in 2012.  I present the info because I think we need to have our eyes wide open when talking about politics.  The politicians and leadership of Republicanism may be overwhelmingly white male, but when it comes to Republican party demographics, the true believers also include a lot of women - about 48% of Republicans.  But not many people of color.

" In surveys conducted in 2012, nearly nine-in-ten (87%) Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters are white, while just 11% are minorities. In contrast, 61% of Democrats are white, while nearly four-in-ten are African American (21%), Hispanic (10%) or another race (7%).

Men make up a majority (52%) of Republican Republican-leaning voters; among Democratic voters, 43% are men while 57% are women. Republican and Republican-leaning voters also are far more likely than Democratic voters to be married (65% of Republicans vs. 49% of Democrats)."

Regardless, Republican leadership is opportunistic, narcissistic, nihilistic, money grubbing, selfish, Machievellian, hate mongering.....

I'm not always crazy about Democrats either, but choosing between the two parties is like choosing between metastatic melanoma and herpes.  I know which one I would rather have.

It appears that certain people on this site are some of the most prejudiced, hate-filled, antagonistic, arrogant, over-suspicious, un-trusting, lazy, over-accusatory, holier-than-thou people I have known of.... and why do so many of you love marijuana so much? Are you sure you are not still stoned now?

One guy above actually wrote about the so called demographics, or gender, racial, ethnic, and so on makeup of people who are more democratic or republican. For somebody who wants to think he is so superior or non-prejudiced because he is liberal, you seem to care a lot about classifying people into various groups...  Every ethnic group has a superiority complex while at the same time also being chronically afraid that everybody else hates them. 

And then there is the person who kvetched at me,  "...You do realize  that being  Jewish  is also  an ethnicity , so you will always  be Jewish....And by the way, the majority  of  Jewish people  are  Democrats..."

Look at my DNA and multiple other people's DNA under a microscope and you will not see anything about it that says I am Jewish, and ethnicity is a social construction or man-made concept meant to divide people into groups so that one group can claim to be superior to other groups... you remind me of Adolf... and who gives a sh-t what the majority of people in the group you were taught you are a member of do or think??? ... and you call yourself an atheist... JEWISH is a label I was taught that I have to have and then I was taught that I have to do all this davening and rituals because I have this label... the label is not written on my DNA and I will never let myself feel guilty due to the the fact that I do not participate in the ethnic group I was taught I have to be part of and I do not use the label I was taught that I have to use! You calling my by a certain label has no meaning or use to me and why in the universe would you have a vested interest in labeling people or making sure that people have the labels you want them to have?? Why do you care so much about labels?? Why do you care so much about notions of race and ethnicity, or about who is or is not "Jewish"?

"...remember race and ethnicity are social constructions or categories people like you invented so that certain Europeans could claim they are better than everybody else."

actually, Michael, they're a hell of a lot more than that.  race and ethnicity fit quite nicely in modern America's tribalistic political landscape.  one tribe seeks homogeneity, as seen by their policy choices on immigration, or their interest in limiting voting rights for various ethnicities and races.  the other tribe favors inclusion and diversity, which you can spot quite easily by looking at the demographics listed above.  perhaps if we lived in a country where no one sees race or ethnicity your idealistic view of these things being a social construct might have some validity.  since we live in the real world your spouting utopian nonsense.  

and wtf does smoking pot have to do with any of this?  

I speculate the pot thing relates to another ongoing, longrunning, but unrelated topic thread on here. Not judjing on my part, just not one of my interests. It might look like some of us are over enthusiastic about that leafy vegetable, however, and therefore not reasoning so well.

i know the one you're talking about.  i can't believe that thread won't die!  for the life of me i can't understand how marijuana has anything to do with atheism.  might as well start a thread entitled "should atheists smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol?" 

So, why not stop separating yourself according to your so called ethnicity and just find a life or find fun hobbies and activities that don't revolve around ethnicity? I don't go to Jewish events, for example, after I quit being Jewish.

All ethnic groups teach their members to have a superiority complex while at the same time being afraid everybody outside the ethnic group hates members of the group.



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