ok, can atheists please stop voting for Republicans now?


seriously people.  this is what Republicans think of us.  you don't have to love the Democrats but at least they don't hate you.  you may like "small gov't" (whatever that means) or guns or lower taxes.  but you'll get most of that stuff with Dems and little of it affects you anyhow.  

the Republican party has become a club for white Christian (preferably) men.  if you're an atheist and call yourself a Republican please realize that they hate you.  they probably can't even know or else you'll be cast off.  you're the religious version of an Uncle Tom.  with Eric Cantor's primary loss the make up of Republicans in Congress is 100% Christian.  99% white Christian (one black representative was appointed).  and most of them are scary religious.  the anti-science folk, the jesus is coming back sooners, the gays will destroy us all idiots.  sorry, you can't like small gov't enough to tolerate being lumped in with those freaks.  

i implore you, please switch your voter registration.  become an independent but vote with the normal people.  at least until they go bye bye in which case feel free to go back to your gov't hating ways.  in the meantime help vote superstitious weirdos out of office by supporting the only party that is perfectly fine with you.  as my Jewish grandmother used to say, "try it, you might like it".  

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I agree with you 100% Matthew. You have defined the modern day Republicon exactly correct. I hear that Sarah Palin's group even talks to god on their cell phones. I'm still wondering how they do that one, but I'm sure there are idiots who believe it. I've voted across party lines for years regardless of my affilliation, but I doubt I'll be voting for any Republicans anytime soon.

The problem here is the Republicons keep trying to con you. Their rethoric is the same old crap but they change the words around sometimes. It's sort of like taking a pig and giving him a bath, but each time you present him you have a different colored ribbon on him. I don't think people are falling for it. Some of their platform seems to be going back to the bronze age just like their religion has done. It's pathetic, and they lie so much.

Just the other day I'm flipping TV channels and up comes Jack Van Impe and Roxella. I just caught a minute of it when Jack claimed "President Lincoln was always talking about god and praying in the white house, but nobody does that today." My mind goes WTF?

I'll spell it out and say it. Jack you're a damned liar! If you think that's what happened you don't know anything about Lincoln.

Make you a bet that Jack is a Republicon.

Hi Matthew.....Not  only  should Atheists not vote  for republicans , every  minority  group in America  should boycott  the republican party.........The Republicans  are not for Anything  but Against  Everything.....they are the party  of NO.....Ever since  the Tea Party had  their temper  tantrum  and took over the Republican Party...The  Congress  has gotten  very little  legislation  passed  if  any...It is  time to kick  their  butts  OUT..

that's because they're bigoted, hateful, know-nothings.  it's no coincidence that they're also super duper religious.  i read an article today, which i should link, that talked about religious fear of secular indoctrination.  the whole piece was, without saying it explicitly, about religious people and projection.  it's quite maddening!  

Very well put Freethinker.
Not for anything but against everything.

A perfect example is Mitch McConnell saying the repubs number one goal would be to overturn Obamacare.

Not something reasonable like jobs or infrastructure. But to overturn health care.


k.h.......   Don't  forget  Mitch McConnell said  he was going to make sure  Obama  would be a one term  President....How did  that  pan out?   :)

Freethinker, we have our election coming up in ky. I hope McConnell gets put out the door on his deadbeat ass. He's been there far to long doing far to little.

Alison Grimes looks like a terrific candidate.  good luck.  

Can you imagine  putting out  the  Senate  Minority Leader...That  would  be  so awesome...plus  get  a woman to replace him....Even better....

the next Minority Leader would either be Ted Cruz or...i'm pretty sure it would be Ted Cruz.  he's already the shadow leader of the House.  who else has any power among Republican Senators?  McCain or Graham?  please.  

Matt  .......   Kill me now.....Ted Cruz is everyone's  worst  nightmare.....

the crazy people LOVE him.  personally, i see him as a wishful totalitarian type.  his rhetoric is hitlerisque  his ambitions seem theocratic, his goals sound revolutionary.  in short, he's a dangerous person with far too much power.  i fear it will only grow stronger.  secular Americans like us need to call out and stop his brand of politics. 

Doesn't  the  senior  most member  normally  get  elected  to  the Minority  Leader  position?     Ted Cruz was elected  from Texas  in 2010....If he wins  , it would be  a huge  upset....Members  of Congress  are big  on following  tradition....Lets  hope  they still do.....  



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