Ok Guys, here you go!! Now you can ALL become believers!!



It wasn't really a prayer, he didn't really mean it, but it was a "miracle" and a "sign". The commentator thinks it was AMAZING. She won a million dollars on his birthday and she asked two days before to being him to God. The commentator says it's "unbelievable".


He also mentions the "sign" in Joplin of a cross left standing when a church is destroyed....uh, what? The whole church was destroyed and it was a sign from God that the cross was still there? Was it sort of a "Kilroy was here" sort of thing; God's fingerprint on the disaster?, "I was here and you better believe in me or I'll flatten your whole town? What exactly was the message?


It leads one to almost despair!

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So... for how many years has lottery been played around the globe?

And I suppose, lots of people pray when they buy a ticket.

So this case is what percentage of the total amount of prayer-enhanced games?

... like... 0,00000000000000000000000000...............01%?

Good odds, might as well pray to holy purple frog ;)))

Since billions of people are not praying to the purple frog, you have more of his attention and he can really fully concentrate on you personally.  I think that should improve your luck.




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