Ok, so due to my inability to lower my standards, I have unwittingly dedicated myself to becoming an atheist nun....(kidding, but that's the way it's turning out). So I live in the buckle of the bible belt, I'm educated, attractive for my age, own my own business, and mindless sex is just so easy (and boring) for us....isn't it ladies??? (You guys know that's true) But finding someone you actually WANT to be with, now that is where things get good and complicated!! I've decided in my wisdom, that I will not settle. Since MOST atheists live far far away from me, it never really occurred to me to try and find a man that could keep up with me intellectually on this site, but what did occur to me, was that I would meet awesome people who are intelligent, well spoken, educated, (whether self taught or schooled), witty and socially aware. I have hit the mother load there!!! This site helps me hold on to the fact that there are growing numbers of people just like me out there and I am not alone!! Rational, kind, and well spoken non-believers! I LOVE yall people....!!! (no but really, I do! That's a facetious southern accent btw and yeah, I am a southern girl and lovin there are so many talking atheists on this site!!!)
Now that being said....it can be a lonely life. But I just can't, and won't settle. You feel me?

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haha, that's funny! you don't need a condom to make "the pill" 99% effective :)

The condom's failure rate on its own is 10% +/- a couple of percentage points, correct.

But I agree with you on the fear of death through sex being highly overrated!

Top 20 Causes of Death - Young Adult (25 - 29)

National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics Reports March 7, 2005
Rank Cause of Death Total Deaths No of Deaths Percent

All Deaths 17959 17959 100.00%
1 Unintentional Injury
6122 34.09%

* MV Traffic
3650 20.32%

* Poisoning
1310 7.29%

* Drowning
227 1.26%

* Fall
130 0.72%

* Fire/burn
113 0.63%

* Other Spec., classifiable
94 0.52%

* Suffocation
87 0.48%

* Firearm
75 0.42%

* Other Land Transport
70 0.39%

* Other Transport
69 0.38%

* Pedestrian, Other
64 0.36%

* Unspecified
63 0.35%

* Struck by or Against
59 0.33%

* Natural/ Environment
43 0.24%

* Machinery
31 0.17%

* Other Spec., NEC
27 0.15%

* Pedal cyclist, Other
6 0.03%

* Cut/pierce
4 0.02%
2 Homicide
2514 14.00%
3 Suicide
2423 13.49%
4 Malignant Neoplasms
1258 7.00%
5 Heart Disease
1076 5.99%
500 2.78%
7 Diabetes Mellitus
229 1.28%
8 Congenital Anomalies
213 1.19%
9 Cerebrovascular
183 1.02%
10 Influenza & Pneumonia
135 0.75%
11 Septicemia
119 0.66%
12 Chronic Respiratory Disease
116 0.65%
13 Nephritis
107 0.60%
14 Anemias
83 0.46%
15 Complicated Pregnancy
82 0.46%
16 Liver Disease
77 0.43%
17 Benign Neoplasms
62 0.35%
18 Viral Hepatitis
37 0.21%
19 Hypertension
36 0.20%
20 Pneumonitis
31 0.17%

All Others
2556 14.23%
As for deaths past age 50, they should all be categorised under old age, no matter what the details, since were it not for medicine artificially prolonging our life, many of us would die at that age anyway...;p
Err, can we join the order if we're not celibate? Has our order gotten beyond that discriminatory dogma?
If you are not celibate, then CONGRATS to you Joseph!! No dogma in here...we are just venting ;)
Well, it hasn't been all that long, and defining the relationship is kind of complicated. Anyway, I could go back to being single any day, once she wises up and chucks me back out into single land.
Maybe it is because you come off as a atheist know-it-all in that you can think that your standards should be higher then everyone elses, but maybe that is true. As for guys, they get whatever they can but as girls you can select and hold out for whatever you what, unless it doesn't exist. Should I have to entertain you in order for you to accept that I might have a greater hold on reality then you do? The details of dating are no less the same but atheists are very few and even if you find one you might not be attracted to him. Face it. Many guys are going to be hitting on you regardless of your believes but I guess you are holding out for the prefect atheist man. GL.
*shrug* Her expectations don't sound all that unreasonable to me.
Thanks Joseph...I didn't think my expectations were unreasonable either. Would it be nice if I met an atheist Viggo Mortensen? HELL YES, but I am 40 years old, and not inclined to living in a fantasy world. I just want to find someone I can talk to and go to the movies with at this point....lol!
Can they be fat?  Poor?  Bad Skin, Crosseyed, missing a few  teeth?
Jaime, doesn't have to be perfect, but one that is compatible with me. I have been in too many relationships that just didn't work. I am sorry you think I come off as an atheist know it all. I'm not saying my standards should be any higher than anyone else. I'm saying I have different ideas than most people that make it very hard for me to find someone who is compatible. That's all. I'm certainly NOT a know it all. As an atheist, I would never have the arrogance to even think that I know it all. Am I a little frustrated at the experiences I have had?? Hell yes, who isn't?? Is it the reality of my geographic location that people tend to be less educated and superstitious? Yep. Am I supposed to just do the best I can? Well, I have learned some lessons about that, and it always ends and poorly at that. So, I'm not allowed to vent to my fellow atheists about the frustrations of just wanting to find a relationship that would make me happy? Come on! I'm no stuck up bitch. I'm just discussing an issue that has been frustrating to me, on a sight with people who I have things in common with who I thought could relate. PERIOD. What I do KNOW, is what I want. I'm 40 years old. I've learned a lesson or two the hard way already. Not settling, just means I'm cutting the BS out, so I don't have to ever deal with it again. That doesn't say that I am better than anyone. It just says that I know what I want, and it's been a lonely road thus far, and one I won't deviate from. I think many people on here can understand that, and don't see that as being a know it all. Just unwilling to put myself into another situation that ends poorly because I chose to be open minded about certain things that always come back to bite you in the ass!
By the time you're 40, most have tried "settling for less" multiple times and found it doesn't work for them. It becomes a choice of waiting for "perfect" and being alone possibly for life or settling. How many relationships Atheist or otherwise are really enviable anyway? After you've found contentment and happiness alone, it's pretty hard to settle for someone you have to "put up with" just so you have a date to go to movies and have sex with.
Spot on T Rose, freekin a!! You get me!!!

It’s a great rationalization but I think most of us still want a little more in our life.




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