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I'll start believing it when "god" begins showing up in other languages in other egg plants. Then, if god is serious, he will spell himself out in other fruit as well. Once he is making himself know in 7 common kinds of fruit daily we will know we have a close encounter of the weird kind.

It's really strange. Humans are like this and do not see it. One says "I saw a cloud yesterday that looked just like Jesus." Oh, they think it's a "sign" or something. Really? Now tell me what does Jesus look like?

Apparently the omnipotent, infallible, omnipresent and eternal creator finally figured out that grilled cheese is not a convincing medium, so it is expanding to other edibles to spread the word of its existence.

And let's not underrate inedibles either. I've seen a hell of a convincing crucified Jesus made of kudzu. (I'll try to find the pic.)

I had a vegetarian girlfriend once who used to get so mad at me when I would stealthily carve her one pound cheese blocks into crosses. Cheesus is funny, but it makes the cheese go bad faster.

I would stealthily carve her one pound cheese blocks into crosses

Sounds like an excuse for eating her cheese. 

That's funny Future. But I can see why she didn't think so.

We humans really are pattern-seeking animals! The "D" shape is an almost exact mirror-image of the "G" shape, reminiscent of Scott Kim's ambigrams or "Inversions". As a contributor to /r/skeptic points out, the pattern isn't far off the norm. (See the lower right slice in this stock photo.)

Grinning Cat, I figured it was either a con or what you indicate.  Glad you went to the trouble of finding that information.

It's amazing what a tiny coincidence will do to a tiny brain.

To channel Epicurius:  If this is the best he can do why call him god?

I hope this photo will finally dispel the rumor that Jesus was white.

God ... is ... black!!! GASP!!!!




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