What do guys look for in a girl? I mean, what do you notice first? And what ultimately makes you fall for that one girl??

I ask for two reasons: 1) I am just curious...and 2) I am 32, a hardcore atheist, a scifi geek, sardonic, sarcastic, I quote from Monty Python, Doctor Who, and Family Guy and a few more; also I'm not very girly for a girl, have no prospects and am single beyond belief!! :) I'm anxious to hear what freethinking guys like you like in a girl..besides the obvious...nontheism and freethought!! ;)

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Or just simply confused... believe me, I've been there several times.
If men ARE like that, I'm cool with being single. Sheesh! I like running my life.
Right, because a passive person could equally be a psycho, introverted serial killer. Not all, but some. I agree Stephen.
Yes. Assertive (let alone aggressive), highly intelligent women do intimidate some men. If they're that insecure, they might end up being more work than is worth your time.
"What do guys look for in a girl?

Breathing and able to walk unassisted."

Seriously;aged between 35 and 45-ish. Smart,witty,and accepting with no major neuroses.. Good looks are a bonus,but not essential. Once I get to see and like the person, attraction just seems to grow.

It's moot anyway.These days,the only women who seem attracted to me are morbidly obese and over 50. The over 50 is OK,if I really liked them a lot,but obesity is a total turn off for me.
Hahaha!! Whew..good to know! I am both breathing and able to walk without help!!
I make a new post to clear a few things out: I think there are two types of people when it comes to relationships. One group is those who have no issues socializing normally with others no matter personality differences. This group is considered the normal group. Then there is another group that got huge issues socializing normally, and generally have big troubles with group 1. Group 2 prefer people from group 2. Group 1 prefer meeting people the "normal way", and as such, there are some factors that may seem more important to them than others. Group 2 people don't look at things this way, because doing things the way group 1 does it is too hard, and most likely doing things like group 1 also only gets you to meet up with group 1 people, meaning it will not work anyway. Group 2 got far lower standards when it comes to looks, group 2 find personality more important overall because group 2 can only socialize with people who are somewhat akin to themselves. Since you don't have a big group to choose from where you can cherrypick whatever you like, like group 1, I believe group 2 people are just happy enough to find people they can go along well with. I know I am, and while it would be nice to meet someone whom you find physically attractive, it is simply not important in the grand scheme of things because such a wish is simply unrealistic.

This is only how I see things though, and does not need to apply to everyone. Just my own observeration and how I personally work, belonging to the group 2 category. For the record, I am pretty aggressive in relationships, and when I meet people from group 1, I think they get wrong vibes from me. I sometimes act like a man and almost dress like a man. I think this scares people from group 1 off, because they just want a "normal" person.
Haha..see, that's what I think men don't get about me! I'm not the one at the pub, or class, or museum that's all dolled up wearing lots of make-up, skirts, blouses, heels, hair all coloured and such, and the like. I, too, dress almost boy-like...I wear chucks, and pin-stripe pants, and my faithful Indiana Jones-looking jacket, boy-cut jeans, and tee-shirts (granted they are tight fitting, and I try to wear a cute tank under them). My hair is usually always in a bun, and when it's down..well, it looks like Hermione from Harry Potter!! I'm a tomboy..there! I'm tough. I can move furniture all by myself..I never need a man's help with anything. I moved a freakin' couch by myself, when I was like 8 months pregnant. I'm pretty strong for a shorty!! I always fix everything around the house..from plumbing to just about anything else that goes wrong. My landlord is an asshair, and does not help. I'm not high-maintenance. I don't paint my nails, I chew on them...
Anyway..got a little off-topic there..but that's me in a nutshell!! I'm intelligent, I try to maintain some sense of confidence (in my convictions, beliefs, ethics, morals, etc), I'm intelligent...but not a genius, I am funny..I do know that..I make everyone laugh. Anyway, I'm rambling....I'm jacked up on coffee...I'm going to eat now.. good day!!
Purely as an assessment; based on this description; if I were looking, I'd definitely want to meet you. :)
Awww!! *blush* That's good to know!! :)
1. Know yourself- self-awareness and self-acceptance
2. Be yourself- self-confidence
3. Never settle for someone that doesn't accept and appreciate you exactly as you are at this moment- self-respect

Don't look for someone to complete you. Look for someone that's worthy of partnering with the complete you.

Best of success to you!
Awww..thanks Nate! Good advice.



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