House Education Committee passes Science Education and Academic Fre...

The bill is one of six bills in the US being touted by their state's respectives state republicans, the other states being Montana, Arizona, Missouri, Indiana, and Colorado.  So far, only Colorado has been able to reject such a bill.

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Wonderful ... the citizens of Oklahoma appear to be determined to make their future generations stupider than they are.  How wonderfully enlightened.  While we're at it, let's close the hospitals in favor of homeopathy centers and go back to phlogiston chemistry rather than current chemical theory, shall we?

Damn ... how utterly, absolutely, damned near irrevocably asinine can you get?  [Answer: exceptionally damned asinine!]

What a great response Loren!  

What a nice step backwards. Why is it that nobody can just admit that "we don't know?" Instead we believe the ancient writings of tribesmen and the chronological dates applied by Bishop Usher, who even tells you the exact time and day that God created the world. Evangelicals may reject that because they are not Catholic, but they suck up all the rest of it. Weather changes and faster communications seem for many to be "proof" that the world is coming to an end. The Buybull book of Revelation means for many "we are waiting for the nukes" when the reality of it was simply the subverting of their gospel by the "greatest apostle of all." Even the word "gospel" is taken by the masses to mean "truth" when it simply meant "good news." Biblia Sacra is greatly flawed and the gullible wants you to measure everything that is by it. (I don't believe this or that thing because it is not mentioned in the Buybull.) How utterly stupid! Recently I told my religious friend from childhood about a dream I had. His answer was that in the "last days" the Buybull says that old men will have dreams. Really, I asked. I wonder how long this has been going on? I'm wondering when we get out the bones and animal entrails?

Heh, wow.  That's even worse than the "wars and rumors of wars" bit.  Gee, pick something that's always been going on, for the entire history of humankind, and yeah, you can have evidence of the end-times anytime you want.

Old men will have dreams.  Heh.  Does he not see how insanely weak that is?




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