Oklahoma sets back it's state by a few decades. I live 5 miles from the Oklahoma border and the local news is reporting this with a celebration type spin. Wow....


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Unbe-freaking-lievable!  Can we hope the Oklahoma House has better sense?  Might be time to put a change.org petition to work!

sadly, this does not surprise me at all.  let's face it, if corporations are people, of course a fetus is. 


Loren, while you're at it, start a change.org petition asking for the removal of Indiana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Missouri, etc. from the USA.  sure, when we're done there will only be about 7 states left, but hey, whatyagonnado?

saw this as the one comment to the linked story, and it's too good not to pass on:


"So, can pregnant women claim a dependent during their pregnancy now?"

Yeah, I saw that ... cute ... but in the face of this foothold the Personhood movement has gotten, I'm not laughing much.

You DO KNOW what follows this, don't you?

The Pregnancy Police

And no, not for one nanosecond am I kidding.

Mr. M, I can't joke about it either ... nor do I see your comment as either childish or insane.

This is what's called the slippery slope. The second rights are granted to the fetuses, embryos ... hell, and blastomeres as well, a Pandora's Box of considerable dimensions is opened up. The believers don't bother thinking about the consequences of forcing all pregnancies to term. All they care about is the supposed life they are saving. Ectopic pregnancies, fused twins, anencephaly and other potential prenatal issues are simply not on their radar scopes.

These pro-birth idiots conceive of anything in the uterus as a CHILD, a simplistic and infantile view of a far more complex process ... and then, of course, once the child is BORN, it's no longer their problem.

This needs to be resisted, fought, and stopped ... PERIOD.

slippery slope indeed.  the bill, on the face of it, matters not.  it's the implications and potential ramifications that should have us terrified.  i'd be curious to see the enforcement policies that eventually have to accompany such a piece of legislature. 


gussy it up however they want, this is a religious issue -period. 

It'd be one thing if I lived in the Sooner State; I don't.  If we have any Oklahoma atheists around A|N who can sight this business from there, see what is really going on and perhaps start something locally, any action those of us who live outside of Oklahoma would have a far better basis to act from.

I still like the idea of a change.org petition, never mind Oklahoma residents writing their state representatives. Beyond that, I don't know as I have any other useful ideas.

Good man, Matthew.  I'd feel better about it if the sponsor was an Oklahoma native, but I guess you gotta start somewhere!

Dear Jesus,

Would you PLEASE rapture these loons already so that the rest of us can get on with things?


- stolen from random commentor

I think he might, except that Harold Camping screwed everything up with his improperly timed BS, and then you got the Mayan calendar to deal with, too, so they have to cool it with the End Times noise until matters settle down.




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