Old protesters never die, they just read and write at lot.

 Being an old protestor from the 1960s I understand trying to make changes to bring blacks, women, and homosexuals into their full rights as citizens and taxpayers of our U.S.A.  I marched, sat down, and gave speeches in face of armed police and was hit up the side of my head by a mounted policeman. A radicalizing event!

 Too old and too ill to do much else than read all I can about the Occupy movement is to send letters to my legislators, build coalitions in my community, and encourage those who stand in my stead in the lines and marches.

 Police officers, men and women, charged with protecting citizens reveal where their loyalties lie ... with owners of capital.  Strange!

 Low budgets result in a reduction of police and fire fighters! Why are they not standing on the side with protestors?  Where are their loyalties?  To whom do they owe their allegiance?



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It does remind you of the old protests, doesn't it?

     And as in the bad days of protesting the Vietnam war, there were a fair share of the people who didn't care about who caused the problem in their own greed for political success, ignorant people who claimed the "hippies" (fond old term we're hearing again) didn't know what they were doing. 

     Now, decades later, the perps behind Vietnam have published books confirming they made up the threat of Communist expansion and they knew all along that it was never worth a war.

     We watched the mortgage banking industry eat America's economy in the last years of the Bush administration, gave billions in taxpayer bailouts to those poor banks, watched again as they handed the cash to each other in insanely generous bonuses...and a fair segment of the population is now watching OWS protests and grumbling that the protestors don't know what they're doing.

     I hate deja vu.

Sometimes I think I am hallucinating and can predict the next action/counteraction.  No, it isn't insanity, it is memory. 

These are interesting times, to be sure!  


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