Hi everyone!

I'm 63, married nearly 44 years, & have always been an atheist although it took awhile to actually find out that this is where I fit. I was doubting things almost from before I could read, but then reading almost anything I could get my little mitts on sure opened up more questions than answers.

I was raised in New Westminster & Burnaby, as a mor(m)on with a non-mor(m)on father, in a non-loving home, & as mother was often hospitalized, I was foisted off on neighbors to be looked after as father wouldn't do it. With each different neighbor I had to go to their churches so got exposed to several other religions & none of them matched up with what I was being taught.

I began noticing I was being told things, & hearing things, that weren't the same as what I was beginning to see. Therefore the word ''hypocrite'' entered my vocabulary. I could not picture anyone who was not of the mor(m)on church going to hell, & truth to tell, I was liking other people much better than liking my own.

I never fit in at church with having the non-mor(m)on father, & never fit in at school as I was the only mor(m)on kid in both the elementary & junior/senior schools.

I married an atheist, had 3 kids who never set foot in any church until they got older & began attending weddings, but my daughter married a jeezuzz-fanatic who got her brainwashed right quick. She was never one to question anything, & of course she was young, impressionable & in love. Now their kids are all zombied, so I'm glad we live in separate cities. We get along fine as long as religion isn't in our topic of conversation but my son-in-law finds that difficult, & now my daughter does too. We don't have much in common anymore. 

I've never made a secret about not believing which ostracized me a lot, but the term ''atheist'' didn't come until I got the pc & began reading different sites....& suddenly I knew where I belonged!

I was diagnosed with two types of very aggressive breast cancer in June of 2005, & had a mastectomy on the same morning my daughter was having baby #5 by caesarean. We had to wait until that evening to find out how each other was! I guess her husband was on overload for the praying bit! Hahaha!

Whatever the case, I had great medical care, & even though chemo & baldness aren't thrilling, it wasn't all a bad experience. I began saying that I wore fake hair, fake teeth, fake nails, & a fake boob, but as I was a real person, we wouldn't mention the wooden leg, or the artificial eye...hahaha! 

I met lots of great people & nothing was ever said about religion, with the exception of my doctor who asked if I was a religious person. I said no, that as far as I was concerned, religion is a man-made crock, based on superstition, money, & control of others. This was great because he's atheist as well, so we've had lots of discussion & laughs over it. 

I'm coming up to my 5 year mark this June, & things seem to be fine. Just call me Hooter & Hootless, or if you're feeling musical, Flat 'N Sharp!









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How nice to make your aquantance! I'm sure you'll enjoy this site. Feel free to visit my profile page. Congratulations on your 5 year mark!
Welcome to Atheist Nexus, you seem like fun! :D I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter. I'm glad that you two are getting along, I don't know how I would handle it, if I were a parent.




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