Two nuns driving down a dusky lane late at night when suddenly a Vampire leaps out and jumps on the car bonnet (hood) trying to get at the sisters. " Show him your cross, Mother superior!" Yells the novice. Mother superior grabs the vampire by the lapel and yells " FUCK OFF"

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Regina Goodwin

I am going to give you a good laugh, but don't laugh loud enough for me to hear! I read words like LOL, ROFL, BTF etc. I am not at all used to them. Can you tell me what they are?

You promised me not to laugh!

Feeling shy



You are not alone.  I too am rather new to all this, however, after consulting the orracle that is my 11 yo daughter; LOL= laugh(ed) out loud.  ROFL=Roll on floor laughing.  BTF, on the other hand, drew a blank.  I shall hopefully have enlightenment when the font of all wisdom and knowlege stays with me this weekend.


Rolling on floor laughing my ass off peeing in my pants.

LOL - laughing out loud

BTW - by the way

IMHO - In my humble opinion

w.c.d.a.w.t.h!  W.s.t.i.o.t.c.r. pnl.  Ps.ROFL is an anagram of the fonts' teddy bear, Rolf. pe



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