I am so .....wow.  I just have to share this with somebody before my head explodes.
I was listening to chariots of iron podcast today & they mentioned Ken Ham's blog, so I decided to check it out for shits & giggles.  I came across a 'special' kid's section, where kids apparently ask questions and get biblical answers from him.  I find it both funny & sad that children as young as the age of six are questioning the absurdity of the biblical creation story, and sad because they are being taught this crap.   A lot of what is up on the site now is about the flood:

You can also download coloring pages, especially fun is the Eve + Serpent wearing cool-man shades holding what appears to be a mai tai, complete with umbrella.  Awesome.

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You are so very, very right! This site is just too amazing to believe. Apparently there were about 100 dinosaurs on the ark.
Apparently, nothing ate eggs before the whole apple incident either.
That was one of my favorites too.
Except perhaps for the snake who probably climbed the tree to eat eggs in the first place - before he was magically given his speaking abilities, shades, umbrella drink and growing hands, of course.
WoW... This is ignorance at it's best.... If i ever have kids, I am goin gto keep them as far away from this crap as possible..


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