my mom just emailed me, she told me that she and dad were watching a video of
some 8yo girl singing and told me her name so I could look her up and watch too.
I looked her up, her home page describes her as a gospel singer, so I wrote back
'no thanks, I hate gospel music :)'
I really dread the questions that may follow.

Here come the anxiety symptoms, LOL.

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I understand about drama. My family is filled to the gills with drama queens. And it doesn't take much to set them off. One of the things I love about atheism is the sheer lack of excitement. I have a family member causing so much drama in my life, I spent an evening looking at masking tape samples, because they were the most boring thing I could think of. I don't blame you for wanting to avoid dramatics.
That's pretty funny Grace (looking at masking tape samples). It is funny the things we do to sooth ourselves sometimes. Hey, but whatever works is what I say lol.

Gen, it seems to me you have reached a point of such frustration with this situation that you have obtained the confidence to make a decision.

I would do the same thing.

Feel the calmness of the masking tape. No one ever mentions god and masking tape in the same sentence. Masking tape has no gods or masters. Masking tape is so useful and yet so reassuringly boring, not to mention, so moderately priced anyone can afford it.

I prefer the plain brown masking tape. I tried scotch tape, but found it too exciting for serious removing the mind from family drama.
LOL! I'm on it. Be right back (gotta make a trip to Home Depot).
I remember I saw this Teens Talk video for PE, and one of the girls (black) was singing gospel with two other people.

Now, this girl at my high school checked out Left Behind at the library! LEFT BEHIND!
There are several ways to deal with that. One is honestly.

Well anyway, The other is to simply say, I don't like that style of music. It doesn't appeal to me.

That that way you can compliment their talent yet not choose their music? What sports teams do you like? Why do you like the other ones?

It is the same concept and idea.

You can be honest with subterfuge remember.
I would just say expect the worst! My mom doe that to me also! It got to the point where I told her I wasn't gonna call her because her ringback tone is gospel music! She asked why I told her it was annoying! She also sent me an ass load of religious emails when I was deployed, so I know how annoying that can get




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