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I love these Melinda! I would love to add to your collection - how do you search for them?
I'm taking these for my collection.

Two and Three I think are pretty premium.

number three! I may post that and try to piss off some extended family:) 

LOL, especially  "If UR faith is big enough facts dnt count" i.e. advertising their willful ignorance.

Hey Miss Booklover, should we start a thread of such finds (wherever they come from)? I have a bunch saved to my hard drive I could upload to such a thread.

I especially like #2.

please do, and find a place to post them here on A/N and be sure to let us all know where to find them.  A new forum topic perhaps ???

Good job Booklover.

start a tumblr blog, it's easy. 

Of course, you can always do a Google image search on "funny church signs" and see what you come up with!

Good one, booklover!

found this at googplus science..




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