most reviews seem to have the opinion that it's a bad movie, with bad acting, a stupid plot, and a non-original theme.  i'll go one further - this is clear Christian propaganda, no i haven't seen the movie, and i likely never will, but it's perfectly clear what this filmmaker is doing here.  
this is an attempt to scare Christians (clearly the target audience here) into staying in their bubble.  don't let the evil outsiders get their hands on your kids - they'll turn them Muslim or atheist when you aren't looking.  it also reinforces the deeply held conservative Christian worldview that universities are indoctrination labs designed to remove your kids faith.  
in the film, all the others are bad guys.  the evil philosophy professor, complete with devilish facial hair, or the liberal environmentalist whose cancer is a mere inconvenience to her important work of attacking Christianity at every turn.  these common stereotypes get reinforced at every turn, assuring the viewer that yes indeed, Christianity is under attack.  it's a feature film which turns up the dial of Christian Persecution Syndrome to 11.  
this kind of propaganda is both disingenuous and dangerous.  while many Christians don't bother with these things, the attempt here is to spread the word that the "other" is out to get you.  if that feeling hits a critical mass one wonders how long until they feel the need to do something about it.  and they are still 80% of America.  scary thought.

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I saw a preview or something of this some time back, and if I recall correctly, they also set up an atheist straw man in the person of a teacher / professor played by Kevin Sorbo.  The confrontation between them is forced and laughable.  As for what I can tell of the film from the clip I saw, it amounts to little more than weak tea, designed as much to make them feel good in the face of their non-believing opposition as anything else.

If this is the best the christers can do at agitprop, they're in trouble.

Many years ago as a theist it hurt me deeply when people said "god is dead." Just like the modern theist I didn't get it. God was a "given" and everybody should know that.

Now "God Is Not Dead." No, no, no, no! God was never alive!

I can imagine, Melinda, it's so hard to see people spoiling the children!

I'm reminded of a remark that Neal deGrasse Tyson made in the 2nd Cosmos show. He says

"we don't know everything yet and there's no shame in that. The shame is in pretending that you do know everything."

I knew it was aimed directly at theists!

With the way Christians flock to anything involving jesus torture porn, or reaffirming their persecution complex, it really isn't any wonder that unintuitive greedy assholes capitalize on it left and right. I learned long ago that I don't have to degrade and debase Christians, they do it to themselves, with a frequency that boggles the imagination.

Last night I saw another good one on "American Dad" which is another Seth MacFarlane produced show. One of the charactors is an alien named Roger who said this about religion:

"Christianity is my favorite religion. That's the one where god gets this young girl pregnant and then he dissappears. Later when the kid is born and he becomes popular, god wants him to come live with him."

Thanks for sharing that! Unfortunately the film's built-in "presold" audience will support it anyway. (Including through churches buying blocks of tickets.)

I was watching a movie just last night where a scene had 2 families getting together for the holidays and it came time to pray before the big meal. I'm hearing:

"Our father who art in heaven. We thank thee for bring our two families together today."

They prayed on, but I thought "wait a minute." Did god send out the invitations? Did this family not know they were getting together for this holiday? It was claimed that they always get together for the holidays anyway, so what was the big deal? What is it exactly that god had to do with this?

The movie didn't explain it and you can bet that real life situations will not explain it either. A theist will do this without thinking about it at all.




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