isn't it ironic that the most common references to things religious comes in the form of a curse word or phrase?  

"oh my god"

"jesus fucking christ"

"holy fucking shit"

"jesus h christ"

"goddamn it"

"good lord" (when used in exasperation)

feel free to add your own.  

and many of the carnal noises we emit are often religious.  God seems to get a lot of mention during coitus.  

we atheists are likely guilty of of all the above.  

i don't really have any point to this.  it just seem weird that we, and i include atheists, often evoke supernatural things when we get excited.  

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Hey, it's tradition!  Seriously, it's how most of us learned to curse - from listening to others.

Which gives me to wonder ... how do they swear in India ... or China?

great question!  i wonder if they use religious words in the same fashion.  

Depends. The far eastern countries dont swear with religious terms as far as I know. The Japanese dont, at least, and I am pretty sure that the Chinese dont either

I volunteered once at a church where they made supper for anyone who wanted it.While we were cutting vegetables, someone said about another woman there, that she would get upset if I said "shit", even if it was because I'd cut my finger.  I said, if I cut my finger you bet I'm going to swear! 
Swearing helps to exorcise the pain sensation. 


I like this topic.

I seem to say "jesus" a lot.  Or "Jesus christ". 

I like f bombs too.

Loren - this is from the source of all knowledge in the universe, and beyond - also known as wikipedia - Mandarin Swearing.

I kind of like the idea of calling someone a "turtle egg".  or saying "may your child be born with hemorrhoids".  Or just, "wicked person".  This could improve the quality of my cussing.  I also like "Your words are nothing but excrement".    

Towards the bottom of the wikipedia page, there are communist specific insults.  That goes along with some things I hear second hand - there is not a lot of respect for the communist party in China.  They are considered hypocritical, corrupt, self serving, nepotistic.  Kind of like some of view christian republicans in the US.

I know less about Hindi swearing.  It sounds complicated, which I like, but over my head.  Here is a discussion on that topic.   Apparently, it's made more flavorful by the varying caste, religions, and ethnicity.  One kind of interesting part of that webpage - "By far the most macabre and unique part of the Hindi swearing system is its emphasis on incest. Hindi’s most obscene gaali refers to intercourse with one's mother, the number two being, somewhat unimaginatively, intercourse with one’s sister. In what is most interesting, the Hindi gaali for intercourse with your mother actually uses the Persian word for mother."

I always thought it was odd how much swearing skirts the limits of religion. I'm thinking of saying "Jeez"  instead of Jesus. Some others are "Heck", "Dang", or "Dadnabit". It's almost like a person gave some prior thought to it. So many of us are lawyers looking for the what lies just outside the limits of blasphemy. Anyone really want to plead their case in front of the old testament god? Me neither. After giving it some thought, I syspect this is an indication that many who claim to believe really don't . It's a game, something you do socially to fit in.

I try not to swear. I don't consider myself prudish or special, I just thought it through and came to the conclusion that it's not the kind of behavior I look up to or want to emulate.

Having said that, I swear like a oil field worker at times. It's usually when I'm stressed by something that is or has happened. I'm like most people, I learned it growing up and it's a part of who I am. It comes out when I'm closest to losing control over my emotions.

If I feel any remorse for swearing, it's from recognizing that I've lost control. Also, that in losing control, I've unintentionally fallen back on spitting bile that in some way has a connection to religion/God/Jesus/etc. Not the kind of person I want to be but I can live with the occasional momentary outburst. I'm human after all. Live, learn, improve.


Swearing is for inarticulate motherfuckers.

An apocryphal story of the late, great attorney, Clarence Darrow.

A judge is about to hold Darrow in contempt of Court for swearing during the proceedings.

Judge: "Mr. Darrow, why do you find it necessary to curse?!"

Darrow: "Well your honor, they're so goddamned few words in the English language everyone understands, it's a hell of shame not to use them all."

Gotdammit is my favorite swear word. All ran together and pronounced in the southern fashion.  It pisses of everybody.

I LOOOOVE using the lords name in vain! Holy fucking jesus, do I love doing that! I do it mostly in my head, though, because of... well... people. They get weird when you do that

i just remembered two more - jumping jesus on a pogo stick (i think that was from a Dead Milkmen song) and christ on a cracker!  




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