I posted this elsewhere, but members who are not in that group also need to know this information.

I have been a member of Atheist Nexus since 2008.  As I have been house cleaning some old posts, I realized that people who have not been active for 5,6,7,8 years, still have their name and photo on those posts.

Please be aware, that posts left active on Atheist Nexus can be hazardous to members who have been gone for many years, and also members who are currently active. In most states, there is no protection for openly atheist people regarding employment, housing, or employment.  Even when that discrimination is illegal, those doing the discriminating don't always tell you why.   People may not be aware of discrimination, and may not be aware that their old posts are still there to come back and haunt them.  It's not something that everyone thinks about when they are excited to find a community with whom they have much in common.

There has been at least one case of a member of Atheist Nexus experiencing employment discrimination due to their membership.

Another member of Atheist Nexus was murdered in India, in 2011 (Ajita Kamal). He was an evolutionary biologist, and very active in the freethought community in the USA and India.  As far as I can tell, the perpetrator and motive were never found, but Kamal was a known atheist.  Known atheists, including those who are active on the internet, are frequently targeted for brutal killings in South Asia.

Any member who posts, without having their own photo or name on their screen name and avatar, is expressing implied agreement about the importance of privacy, even on the internet.   I removed my photo, when I learned of the member taking screenshots.  As has recently been done, posts on Atheist Nexus can subjected to screenshots, including by members of Atheist Nexus. They may also be subjected to internet search.

I have recently closed groups that I am no longer able to moderate, for personal reasons.   Some members were very unhappy with me, and expressed that,  feeling that their posts in the groups should be immortal and I was taking something away from them.  Imagine, that a conversation could be present for years, even a decade, for anyone with access to read.  This concept strikes me as eerie, but is the reality on Atheist Nexus.  But members thought that their conversations should be saved, permamently, even though  I gave extended notice, and multiple notifications, including emails to every member of one group, and repeated notices in the comments of the other, and recommended that members review their posts to keep for themselves, favorite materials that they posted.  Even so, members expressed dismay, apparently feeling that Atheist Nexus is a site for permanent self-publication (sometimes of what appears to me to be significant amounts of quoted materials from copyrighted works of others, which may violate copyright law).   One member did screenshots, for re-publication in a new Atheist Nexus group, granted with asking permission of members for the republication, after my objection.

We need to be aware on this website that there are potential serious consequences to supposed immortality of posted materials.  We have a responsibility for the  potential consequences of old, as well as new, posts  and materials.  We can't predict what those consequences may be.   We can't think that this is an exclusive group, complain frequently about the bad behavior of theists toward atheists, and then act as though there is no problem with leaving material on the website that could come back to haunt unsuspecting members.

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In my neck of the woods it's all summed up in the bumper sticker I saw the other day.

"God, guns, and guts made America great and we need to keep all 3."

People yearn for the supernatural and think you are weird if you do not. It's so damned silly that you might face harm or being fired if you do not agree. This migrates into people telling you "I believe in my own way." What does that mean? This sounds like my children who tell me "don't muck up my belief in god." Is anyone following a scripture here? NO. Is anyone going to a church somewhere? NO unless they really have to.

If the new administration has their way and things sink in well with followers we may be in grave danger as atheists.




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