I'm getting rather tired of hearing them being referred to as Atheist "churches" etc. It seems most of the names we use to describe an Atheist gathering place have religious overtones to them...

So I want to suggest a better name.


Nobody uses the word any more, at least, not that I've heard.
It means ; crowd gathering. Which is exactly what we'd be doing there.
We can take the name for ourselves, seeing as nobody uses it any more.

The local Agora.
Kind of jives doesn't it?

It doesn't imply anything religious, nor does it carry any pretences.

Plus... we can call the religious who are nervous about us Agoraphobics.

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We seem to have two parallel discussions going.

Yes, I created this thread to discuss this alternative name, without de-railing the other discussion about religious overtones in names.
Mm I like the sound of calling people Agoraphobics. I'm not against atheist gatherings as long as there is no religious undertones. There better not be any priests in the Agora. :P
I also like the way that just rolls off your tongue.
Doesn't it though?

I know someone elsewhere on the forums had an issue with the fact that to him, it sounds like it means just a gathering... but that's kind of the point.

But, luckily, as I mentioned, no-one really uses the word any more. So we can re-make it into whatever we want.

No, don't worry sabby, no priests... just coffee, siting down, and a round discussion about what's on our minds.
Can we sit around and talk about the first thing that pops up? *yes dirty joke meaning implied* Couldn't help myself! I'm such a bad heathen! haha
I can turn the AC on full blast for you, so can have two points to bring up.
In what language does it mean purchase?

My knowledge of the word is that it means "A crowd of people".
Which is where the term "Agoraphobia" came from, meaning the Fear of Crowds.
A plithos works as well.

Though, Agora runs off the tongue better, and would be easier to re-make as ours than it would be for people to remember plithos.
Apart from the Israeli overtones, it sounds good enough.

(Agora being a denomination of Israeli currency.)
That's cool, we can modify it if everyone has issue with it.

I will need to know the Latin and Greek words for "Gathering" or "Equals"... then we can weigh alternatives.

Otherwise, quite frankly, the layman has no idea what Agora means, and we can take it for ourselves.
Either way,
your vision may be different from mine, but I would like to revive the old greek/roman philosopher circles, where the seating was situated in the round so that everyone is facing everyone, elevated as you move back.

Nobody is greater than anyone else, and have full opportunity to discuss whatever is on their mind. No priest, no real leader, just a gathering of equals and a meeting of the minds.

No restrictions on open times, but a single phrase all the way around, "Safe Haven for Atheists and Non-Religious alike."


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