I'm getting rather tired of hearing them being referred to as Atheist "churches" etc. It seems most of the names we use to describe an Atheist gathering place have religious overtones to them...

So I want to suggest a better name.


Nobody uses the word any more, at least, not that I've heard.
It means ; crowd gathering. Which is exactly what we'd be doing there.
We can take the name for ourselves, seeing as nobody uses it any more.

The local Agora.
Kind of jives doesn't it?

It doesn't imply anything religious, nor does it carry any pretences.

Plus... we can call the religious who are nervous about us Agoraphobics.

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I wouldn't mind calling something like that the Round. Although it'd be tough to work with at first, being that there are few round (or near-circular) buildings. On the bright side, you'd have the advantage of having the most area with the smallest perimeter. Great for insulation...



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