One of the definitions of "pseudoscience" is that it refers to an idea that is portrayed as if it were a science, but isn't.

The word "pseudoscience" has no scientific definition and no scientific tests. It's used as if it were scientific, but it isn't.

Hence by its own definition, using the label "pseudoscience" is pseudoscience.

It's also jargon and, since it's often used as invective, it interferes with communication.

Cosmology's Standard Model (aka the Big Bang) is portrayed as if it were a science, but it isn't.

Is "fake science" too Trump-like?

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I hate anything Trump-like and that includes the Orange Tweeter himself. Mr. "fake news" is a fake president and a fake human being. The real problem here is the Kock brothers and how they have bought into our government and control the GOP. Trump follows them to the letter in all ways he can, and that includes getting rid of anything Obama. Getting rid of all ideas of Democracy and going back to the Republic of old.

Sorry, Tom. I just had to do that. As for the Big Bang, IDK? I wasn't there and neither were others. They search for a reason to explain rapid expansion that appears to be continuing today. They also want to explain how everything came out of something so small and tiny that it was like nothing. How do we know?

Michael, I understand. Hate is a rational response when people lack defenses against dangers.

The present dangers incllude Trump’s being president, his creating a swamp worse than the swamp he promised to drain, his having the power to launch a nuclear war, etc, etc and etc.

You may have heard James Comey say he opposes impeaching Trump because he wants the American people to vote him out. I don’t want to wait until 2020 but I agree that democracy requires voters to do some work and to take the consequnces when we don’t do it.

BTW, voting is the only democracy we have; we choose the plutocratic oligarchs who will govern. In the 18 states with the direct initiative and referendum (DI&R), voters can protect themselves from the predators they elect. In the states and territories without DI&R, people are victims of the predators they elect. Trump might motivate people to enlarge democracy by putting DI&R into their local constitutions and into the national constitution.

Also BTW, saying IDK is a rational response to the Big Bang story. I don’t respond that way because the story requires infinities and because I studied both mathematics and physics.

Today’s cosmologists are mathematicians; they can and do imagine infinities:

- their points are infinitelly small;

- their lines have length but no width or height;

- their planes have length and width but no thickness;

- their solids, like their points, are infinitely small; and

- they can 1 to the largest number they know.

Physicists count, measure or weigh; for them, infinities don’t exist.

Some cosmologists say they are theoretical physicists, a contradiction.

The name, pseudoscience, defines itself. 
pseu·do, adjective
  1. not genuine; sham.


    bogus, sham, phony, artificial, mock, ersatz, quasi-, fake, false, spurious, deceptive, misleading, assumed, contrived, affected, insincere;

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