Thank you all for helping me clear my head of the muck of blind faith. The world is so, so much clearer, more beautiful, more awe-inspiring and more stimulating when viewed through my new "No God" glasses. I love it!

I am a new atheist (6 months as of Dec 2009) and I can't fill my head fast enough with ration and reason. My ipod is filled to capacity with podcasts/audio books (all of the 4 horsemen books and nearly every atheist/skeptical thinking podcast I can find). It's as if my mind has been hungry for years and is now feasting at the bountiful table of skepticism and critical thinking.

Religous beliefs were not the only casualty of my conversion. I was a flag waving, fox news watching, Glenn Beck loving conservative back when I was blind. Hell, I even liked Ann Coulter. I now understand important topics so much better then before - issues like global climate change, health care, separation of church/state, the economy and so much more.

What happened to me, is I think, the single most damaging aspect of religion and blind faith - how it distorts, clouds and strangles critical thinking. Now, more than ever, our world needs the full power of ration and reason, without the burden of irrationality inspired by religion.

As a thank you to everyone here, I'll do my best to "spread the good news" of ration and reason to everyone within my sphere of influence, especially to my two children.

Larry L

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You, sir...are awesome.

We need people like you - you'll know how to reach others more effectively. People like me - who never supported Fox, Beck and the other crazies - may not be as good at de-converting members of the Conservative American Right as someone who used to be on their sides.

Now, more than ever, our world needs the full power of ration and reason, without the burden of irrationality inspired by religion.

Your introduction and de-conversion makes my day! Welcome to A/N Larry!
Welcome, glad the fog has lifted for you. I've been free from religion for two years. I'm playing catch up on a lot of subjects, like biology, history, and physics but I'm absolutely, positively, loving it. Look forward to your further posts.
I know where you are coming from, Larry. My rode to atheism was a little different than yours, but once there, it was like life took on a whole new special meaning. It gladdens my heart to see others break away from religion, especially those with kids. To put kids through the religious dogma is child abuse in my eyes. I know my daughter will have a great life, well, at least a life where she has the right to question everything and learn from facts. Hopefully, you don't have religious family that will try to fight you the entire way of raising your kids, like I do.

If you get a chance, stop by and check out my blog(s), Syn: The New Code for living a Moral Life.
Larry, I felt the same way when I first "woke up". All the beauty of our planet and universe became more awe inspiring. The dirvesity of life on this little blue marble and how it came to be is more impressive than the fairy tail I was led to believe. It only gets better.
That is great to see new non-believers:) I've been an atheist for about 20 years.Religion is cult-like in that it breaks one down and only with it you are told you can be whole.I'm so happy to be free for it.Makes me glad when I see others that are getting a chance to be free of all the religious brainwashing.
You sound like me, Im still new at this too. But not as new as you. Im still filtering religion and was questioning my beliefs in the world as I was watching Fox just yesterday. Been doing more than a bit of soul searching here lately.
This is exactly how I felt--like I'd removed a blindfold!
Ooh, good word usage! Thats a good description.


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