Was anyone else surprised by the amount of intelligent discussion on this site? I've been on a few forums, and they're generally very... well.... horrifying? I mean, has anyone been on youtube lately?

When I joined, it was kind of a shock to me, going through the forums and watching everyone at work typing lengthy, well thought-out replies to deep questions and controversial topics. Hardly a dull knife in the bunch! You can't find this level of conversation on many other sites. Am I wrong? There's almost no text typing, for one thing. Although I do miss using my cute little faces after every sentence.

Like this. :D

And I also miss being one of the smarter ones. But I'll get there when my age doesn't end in "teen" and I start reading books that weren't assigned to me by English teachers.

Also, randomly, how do you think the conversation on this site compares to religious forums?

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Really? Truly an American hero. :-)
That was refreshing! It reminded me of how boring the atheist empire is. Whatever you do don't let age be a barrier. If you need recommended reading there are literally thousands of people willing to help. It's not about being the smartest one, it's about being wise.

Religious forums are fun for spying on the enemy!
Hmm I might just go ahead and start a thread asking about books that don't suck. Good idea!
Well this is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the complement and thanks to the members for keeping things intelligent.
Jezzy, you should check out some of the west coast towns. Heathens have many a patches here.


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