One method of dealing with door-to-door proselytizers

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My best method was set up perfectly the last time the JW's were here.
JWs: "We came here to talk about the Truth..."
Me: "Oh yes!" *GRIN* "Thanks, I already know the truth. There is no god and you're in a cult." *SLAM*

That was some months ago, haven't seen any back since.
Suggested signs for the front door:

1.) No religious proselytizers unless you have big titties.

2.) We don't need yer fuck'n religion.

3.) Snake worshipers live here, all others not welcome.

4.) Jesus was a fruitcake.

5.) We use bibles for fire starters.

6.) "I don't respect your beliefs and I don't care if you are offended."

7.) I'm out of toilet paper, loan me your bible.

8.) Billy Graham is a closet Muslim.

9.) Darwinese spoken here.

10.) Moses took a big dump right by the burning bush.
lol and I LIVE where they all come from. They're very good at stalking. :) I wonder how it'll be when actual missionaries come to me. They don't come around here anymore because they own the general population. "I lived in that hellhole cult until adulthood. GTFO."

Mormowned Pictures, Images and Photos

I LOVE this picture. It makes me laugh.
Just keep a bible near you door, when someone shows up, just say "I'm good! I already have lunch!" Then take a big yummy bite from one of the pages... I did this at a high school party... all I was doing was preaching about who should be stoned to death, and about how women have no rights... then someone said I should get Jesus in me... sounded good, so I ate one of the pages... only after this did I find out that was not the proper way to go about that.

Either way, 10 years later, I am still "That guy who ate the bible at that one party." And yes, I am proud of my title.
that would be a great way to spend a school reunion...(and I graduated from a christian school mmwwaaahhhaaahhhaaa)
I put on an old veil and scarf I got from Saudi Arabia, open the door, scream that "my husband will be angry if I talk to you!" and then slam it.
Oh I LOVE that ;)




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