One method of dealing with door-to-door proselytizers

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No I don't. We don't get any where I live.

I wonder how many door-to-door proselytizers think there are a lot more nudists, Satanists, etc... in the world than there actually are? I knew someone who invited that day's particular crop in to their Satanic ritual (which they weren't actually having, as they aren't any form of Satanist). No one from their sect ever came back.
Mormens are the worst! every year they gathered in mass at palmyra and laid seige on everyones house for 3 days and 3 nights. They hastly retreated when I answered the door naked. Best thing was I was at an old friends house and he paid me 20 to do it, but he had to stay upstairs. You should have seen their faces. Just seeing me in the birthday suit was not enough however and they pressed their assult so I had to come on to them:)
Wow. That's amazing that they didn't walk away when you showed up at the door nekkid They must be getting more hardcore.
Good point!
I realy enjoy having them come by. It's great fun. Keep a straight face and question why, how do they know this? Show them where the scriptures conflict last. I once kept 2 guys on the porch for an 1hr and a half. Poor kids. ;-)
I would LOVE to see a video of someone doing this.
We had three stop by one Thursday. An elder, the other guy in white, and a guy in a polo with tribal tattoos. First words from him "My wife is into this, is all!" Ran them in circles for more than an hour. They haven't been back. Can't decide if I'm disappointed or not...
Around where I live, the catholics (which are about 87% of the population) have this sticker on their door with a picture of Mary that says "This is a Catholic home. Please, we do not want/care for your religion".

I'm thinking of getting one done with a picture of some bad-ass scientist that says "This is a Rational Home. Please we do not want/care for your bullshit".
I think I need that sticker.
I have to give my father credit... normally I think of him as a fascist... but in this regard he turned out to be allot like myself.

A JW lady came by my parents place, my father talked to her on the doorstep for a while, then asked her to come in, provided she leaves her book etc by the side door.
He poured tea, and they got talking.

She at first started trying to tell him about her religion... He told her, put your religion away for a moment, I invited you in, not your church.
He got her talking about who she was etc. Every time she would bring up religion, he'd tell her in a nice way to stow it... you're invited into my home, your church isn't.
After a long chat, both of them on good terms, my father said
"Peace, Understanding, and everything good relies on us, not a god, not a church... just people."

Every time she's on her route, she pops in to my parents place for coffee/tea and a chat... and she's learned to leave her religion at the door.

I don't suppose she leaves her religion outside anyone else's door... but I have to respect him on the way he handled her.
It's probably very refreshing to her to be able to be a "human" instead of a "proselytizer" when she comes to your parents' house.
I'm thinking of getting a goat mask and wear it when they come by. :)




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