Have you seen this? This guy is so off his rocker...


The complete painting is here with an explanation of all the figures if you hold your cursor over it.

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Sometimes I think it would be fun to be totally bat shit crazy.
Or is it ape shit?
It nauseates me and it will probably be used to further the myth that the U.S. is and always was a christian nation. If presented as fact should be consided fraud at a minnimmum if not treason. My reaction is a bit extreame, but considering what else typically goes with the mindset of this being a christian nation, I think it needs to be said.
I agree, it is treasonous.
America is a secular federation. The god freaks call us anti-American, it really is the other way around.
The David Willis (The guy that draws Shortpacked) parody of it is pretty funny.
Love the photo. This is going to all my religous friends.
Personally I favor the equally as accurate, "One Nation Under Cthulu." :D

That's so friggin creepy. I agree with the other comment that was made about this painting being used to further the Christian "stronghold" they want to have over the government. Although, I give them about 50 years and we'll see if the Pledge of Allegiance still has the words God in it. They are losing momentum and they know it. If you look at the numbers of folks that are joining A/N ever day/week/month it should give you an idea of how many folks are losing any belief in the God of the Bible. This was clearly a painting by a Mormon who knows no better and was painting what "he wants to believe".
Who knew the constitution was given to us by a first century, middle eastern jew in a dress who looks like a viking!




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