This video articulates beautifully the importance of removing 'under God' from the pledge, and 'in God We Trust' from the one dollar bill, etc.

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Last summer I audited an American History class (just for the fun of it) at George Mason University. The professor showed a film which showed school kids saying the Pledge without "under God." One of the students in the class was surprised and asked why these kids had "changed the Pledge." I pointed out that that was how it was originally and it was, as this video describes, changed in response to the "red menace." So few people actually know that these changes were made only slightly more than 50 years ago. Does anyone know of any polling on this?
I actually argued with my father and sister about how the God references were only added in the 50s. They didn't believe me. >.X
It would be very interesting to do "man in the street" interviews on this topic to see how many people actually know that "under God" was only added in the fifties. This would be a great student film project for a history or civics class.
Both of these clearly violate the first amendment. The very first sentence in the first amendment even. "Congress shall make no law respecting religion... " It's very disappointing to learn the rule of law means nothing. Why does this go on? Our money is tainted by this phrase and it's presence on our money is very insulting. I feel sick to my stomach and I can't sleep very well knowing the currency I am forced to use in this country has reference to a sky fairy that I know does not exist. Religion ruins everything it comes near. Americans dissolved the political bands that bound them to England in large part over religion. Doing so again would be very bad for us all. Lets not let it get that far. Any more "Newdows" out there? Lets get it on. Except this time all atheist should sign on and raise awareness of the importance of the separation of the uglyness of religion and our Government of the great United States of America!

American Atheist.
I think an interesting conclusion I just read about concerning the latest ruling on Newdow's lawsuit (sorry, can't remember where I read it) saying that the court's finding that "under God" was ceremonial rather than religious. According to the writer, he felt that the ruling watered down the phrase to a point where it is meaningless. I wish it were true but there are way too many christians who don't find it ceremonial in the least.
That was beautiful. RAmen, brother, ramen...




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