One of my theist friends is catching hell for having sense of humor

The other day one of my buds was condemned to burn in hell for having the audacity to show a funny picture of a xmas sweater to some of his other friends. Apparently, it was sacrilegious and in very poor taste. I personally thought it was very funny. 

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When it comes to religion, we just have to get a tough skin. One person's joke is another's blasphemy. I like the duck shedding water image. Just let the comments flow away. Don't allow others comments get under your feathers or you or your friend will feel bad. Stand tall, confidence, competent, firm in your belief. You or your friend do not exist to please others. You exist to be who you are. 

Very funny. Maybe your theist friend will start thinking and we know where that could lead! For supposedly nice people god botherers are sometimes really nasty when you aren't on their side.

Humor and religion just don't seem to mix. Neither do religion and good spelling!  As a friend put it recentIy, I have yet to meet a religious kook who thinks orthography is significant. 

Some time back, Albert Brooks made a film called Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World.  I haven't seen it, but my impression is that humor and islam don't mix worth a good damn, and the reason why may be that, when religion infuses every part of human life, laughing at anything may be construed as laughing at religion, which of course is verboten.  I can't believe that muslims don't laugh at all, but at the same time, how many muslim comics are out there?

In the muslim world, I'll bet: not bloody many!

I agree! I get a lot of hate mail. My critics often seem to not know how to spell. They also don't appear to have imaginations, calling me names that have to do with bodily fluids or sexual organs. Wallowing through the garbage of words, I find little that enlightens me. 
I very much want to receive criticism that challenges my thinking. It hasn't happened yet.

There is no place for fun in repressive systems, humor is dangerous and subversive. Or ... find the repressive system by poking fun. Time to read 1984 once more; George Orwell had a lot to say about  language and repression.

There is a subtle but significant difference between friends and associates.  Showing something like this is a good way to test which is which.  Friends like you; associates tolerate you, or like you so long as you conform to their expectations.  Come to think of it, such people probably have no friends.  And yes, there may be some like that among us.




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