Man, I just can't help it, I gotta say it. I've just got to say it. That son of a bitch Kenneth Copeland is one of the biggest idiots I have ever seen on television.

The dumb bastard made everyone stupid enough to think he speaks the word of God afraid of vaccinations, claiming it causes autism. Now those idiots who follow him are getting diseases like that measles outbreak at that Texas (?) church where his daughter is pastor. I believe seven adults and nine innocent children who were never vaccinated are infected. Measles ain't no joke, it can be fatal.

One day a few years ago I was flipping through the channels and happened on a channel where that dumb bastard Kenneth Copeland was flapping his gums. The greedy, evil, bastard was bragging. He was talking shit about how "the Lord" wants us to prosper and be in health. And he started bragging about how much money he had, saying that he was not only rich, he was filthy rich, because the Lord had blessed him and caused him to prosper, the greedy damn bastard. I thought Jesus was supposed to be for the poor and giving away all your possessions and following him so you would accrue riches in heaven. And didn't Jesus say that a rich man can hardly enter into heaven, and that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven (for anyone who might not know, the eye of a needle was a small gate in the main large gate of a town or city that was used by people to enter the city when the main gate was closed and secured, and it was barely large enough to admit a camel). Yeah Kenneth Copeland is definitely filthy alright. That stupid Jesus believing freak ought to be put into prison for 10 or 20 years. Let him try to pray himself out of there. Where will his God be then ? We all are pretty certain that there is no god of any kind, but a great many people, some two billion, believe in crazy Bronze age myths dreamed up by a bunch of nomadic goat herders. It's really quite ridiculous. How can such people still exist in the 21st century ? Damn !!!

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If this guy has a lot of money his victims should get legal advice on suing him for all of it.

You are too kind to the man! A parasite of the first order, a manipulator, exploiter, and grownups actually send him money! He should be publicly humiliated, however he is incapable of humiliation. He acts as though he is entitled to his wealth ... sadly someone should expose him and charge him with endangering the health and lives of his followers and children.
A good lawsuit and heavy penalty is what got the Arian Nation out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and bankrupted the organization. Perhaps that can happen to Copeland.

Anthony, nice to see you posting!  I was wondering about you and hope you are doing well.

On this topic, come on now, don't hold back....  Tell us how you really feel!  :)  (Oops, Pat already said that)

I agree with Joan.

Unfortunately, the antivacc dumbshits just got a big boost when Jenny McCarthy was hired onto "The View" - will have a big audience.  It's not just the religious.  I've never watched the show, but I guess it has a lot of viewers nationwide.  Jenny McCarthy is considered especially smart, and most assuredly expert on the dangers of vaccination, with qualifications of being a Playboy Playmate of the year, and having perky breasts and a well groomed pubic hairdo.  She was a highschool cheerleader, so that proves she's right about vaccinations causing autism.  She has also appeared on the World Wrestling Foundation, and is famously Catholic.  I think that more people have gone unvaccinated because of Ms. McCarrthy's antivacctivism than because of Copeland.

But back to your sentiments, you are way to gentle on the shithead preacher.

Here's the antivacc ongoing body count.....

Maybe him and Pat Robertson are buddies. I heard years ago that Robertson goes to Africa to check on his interests there in diamond mines. Both men are pathetic.

This article describes how Wakefield fiddled with the figures.

That put the first symptom two months earlier than reported in the Lancet, and a month before the boy received the MMR vaccination. And this was not the only anomaly to catch the father’s eye. What the paper reported as a “behavioural symptom” was noted in the records as a chest infection.

is an example of what was changed.

The whole problem stems from the fact that people with autism have an autoimmune disorder. 

Current scientific research from laboratories worldwide has demonst...

Because of this, the chances of autistic children suffering adverse affects from viruses, and therefore vaccinations as well, is far greater than normal children.

From what I can figure out, MMR vaccinations do not cause autism, but MMR vaccinations can very well have an adverse effect on children who already have autism. But what parent wants to hear their child was already autistic before receiving a vaccination.

Maybe it isn't for this forum, but here's a little "hint" when Hinn or others pray for someone and that person is "slain in the spirit." The one being prayed for is standing with both feet together, and the one praying that touches them on the head simply gives a gentle push backwards. Unless they move one leg back to catch balance they will fall down every time.

This is a little game that the "full gospel" believers play with each other.

If the damage of non-vaccination were limited to the flock I would have no problem leaving them be. As their numbers began to dwindle I would certainly nominate them for the Darwin award. Unfortunately, their irresponsibility is a danger to the rest of us as it reduces herd immunity. As a result, it is our responsibility to point this out to anyone unclear on the concept.

I've been reading articles by Phil Plaitt on Slate. He's made it his mission to raise awareness regarding Jenny McCarthy. This issue goes beyond vaccinations. We're talking about the typical anti-science attitude of many theists.

Oh, and I have NO problem with ridiculing them along the way.

Thanks for saying this, although we're supposed to avoid invective that contains profanity and, well, invective.  I rarely hesitate to call a turd a turd, and this guy certainly qualifies, although I do not think any more so than, say, Joel Osteen or Tony Perkins or Hagee or Parsley or...well, you know, the list does go on and on.  There have been criminal prosecutions of parents who have let children die so that the family can adhere to its religious beliefs, and no, I am not talking solely about Christian Scientists.  Usually, a doctor or hospital or public health official steps in before it happens, but it still happens occasionally.  If I were a parent of a school child who came down with the by-now almost unheard of disease of measles (what's that?) and it could be proved that the child had contracted the illness from one of the megachurchgoers' children, I would sue for damages.  There is no excuse in this day and age for this type of thing.  Of course, what is illustrated is the battle of science and reason against belief and superstition. Although I would not be in favor of forced immunizations or vaccinations, I think the government could exercise some type of quarantine for these church people.  I have to suspect the children of this church are "home schooled," which is fast becoming a euphemism for indoctrination into religious dogma at the expense of experience and critical thinking.  Even in relatively backward Texas, we require school children to have shots before entering school.  The nation may be headed toward a schizoid society, half permitted to  use the faculty of reason and prepared for higher education with grounding in, among other things, evolution; the other half, half-witted, semi-literate, and emotionally and intellectually unprepared for coexistence with their better half.  I despise this fool just as you do, but I'd like to think I would stop at calling him just that, a buffoon. To borrow from a cliche I absolute cannot stand but find useful in this instance, I feel your anger ("pain").  Hey, it comes with the territory when you live in the 21st century C.E. surrounded by saps who remain no more evolved than the 5th century B.C.E.

Yes, I must admit that idiots like Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson and the like really boil my blood and make me angry enough to bite railroad spikes in half. My language may have been a little over the top, but I just had to express it that way to really get my point across about how utterly angry such ass hats make me. I must say that all of the replies to this discussion so far are excellent, expressing great knowledge and understanding of the issue. Great replies. You're all very intelligent and informed, which I think is awesome. 

Anthony, as far as I'm concerned don't hold back!   I enjoy profanity and when someone swears, something inside me makes me like them a little more.  And your passion is laudable. 

Probably a completely separate topic - just thinking.  Not meaning to derail.  Why is the term for people born whose parents were not married to each other, an insult?  They had nothing to say about it.  I'll have to look into that.  I would refer to Copeland as a dumbfuck, but then, why is the term for one of life's pleasures, such a great insult?  I won't insult the developmentally delayed by using their condition as an insult.  OK.....  Dickhead?  Oh well.

Shithead might do it.  I need to be more creative in my swearing.

Sentient, you have a great sense of humor. I love it man. Made me laugh. In my daily life I cuss like a sailor. They're only words. They have nothing to do with morality. Morality is about behavior, not words, unless you use words to wound. But as far as I'm concerned, I'm not bothered at all if my words wound dumb asses of the likes of Kenneth Copeland and Pat Robertson, because they deserve a tongue lashing in my opinion. They're stupid, backwards idiots, who want to put us back in the Dark Ages. I have a few Christians friends, and I try to watch my language around them because they are friends. But if I think someone needs a cussing I'll let loose with a string of invectives like you wouldn't believe. I try not to use foul language around young children also. But I can cuss with the best of them.

I really like you man. You're funny and cool as hell.

In the dispute between the "battle of science and reason against belief and superstition" the only thing that I know of that gets their attention is money. If they violate the vaccination rule, whether in public or private education, and a person becomes infected with smallpox, or measles, the unvaccinated, infected ones who came in contact with others should be prosecuted, with heavy penalties to those who preached and taught against vaccinations.




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