Do you ever feel that the impact of our favorite games has almost the impact of religion?

Recently, I went on a blind triple-date. Everyone was Mormon. So very, very Mormon. My guy was confused at my feminism (forbid I tell him I was an atheist, geesh). The girls found they didn't have much to say, and took to making dough for the pizza. The other girl's date, somehow got onto the subject of games. I think I may have mentioned Pokemon-- the bag I brought had Pikachu on it, and let me say it was frugging adorable. Then Final Fantasy came up. I showed them the little Cloud  keychain I had attached to my car keys. That's all well and good, but it was mostly "guy-talk" that I was trying to relate to, and naturally the other girls did not even try. Then, somehow, he brought up Chrono Trigger. CHRONO TRIGGER! That was my CHILDHOOD! I adored that game... And somehow, although that wasn't MY date, and naturally I knew it didn't matter, and we'd likely never see each other again and I didn't mind, I felt more comfortable. Less like a freak who really shouldn't be there. Really shouldn't be in a house where they bless pizza. Ouch. I felt so disconnected because of religion, but we did have something in common. Something. Something other than sports or favorite color or something that could not be less important to me.

So, have video games ever been important enough to help you connect to someone else? Are they part of your daily life, have you met people playing video games who you're embarrassed to say are some of your best friends? Kind of an odd subject... but... I'm an odd person I guess.

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no this isn't odd at all, i am quite the introvert so i don't have many friends but the ones i do have i meant by simply being nerdy for lack of a better term. some of my best friends i met through world of warcraft including my ex(never base a relationship on one interest, it leads to disaster), others i met through trading card games such as mtg or yugioh.
I know a married couple that met through WOW! And they're doing just great, actually. But they have other things in common, namely cooking.
Yeah, I've definitely been there. I met my ex-gf through FFXI, I'm good friends with my legion master from Aion, and I have a Canadian friendship that's lasted about ten years so far that I met through the first Starcraft. Video games are how I socialize, lol.
Eww, you're friends with a Canadian?
says the girl that went on a date with a mormon :P

But they're ALL Mormon here!!
Don't look at me, my baby brother MARRIED one! :P
UGH I have TWO Canadian in-laws. Isn't it awful? Soon we'll be outnumbered!!!

Wait, baby brother? How old is this clown? O_o
He's 20... gonna be out of school next year, and then he's moving there.
He'll be one of them...
I met most of my good friends through being a gamer, and a self-proclaimed nerd, it wasn't really til college that we became good friends. Met most of them last year of high school and we all started out at the same local college. Being a nerd in college actually helped me meet allot of friends (probably cause my major tends to draw allot of nerds). 3 or 4 of them are atheist :o. It's really a surprise for me since i live in SC and assumed i would likely never see another atheist.
I've never had any girlfriends that were that much of gamers, though my current gf (most likely to be my wife after i graduate) is a little bit of a gamer. She really just plays casual games like cooking mama or harvest moon.
I've been trying to convince her she needs to play Chrono Trigger and FF VII but she refuses since the graphics are old :(.
I love Harvest Moon. So much.

But even there I can't find love!! Ugh it's like a glitch or something! XD CLIFF WHY WON'T YOU MARRY ME?!?!




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