What's been going on the last several days in the northern St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, MO - I live in deep south STL city, if that helps - has been almost a crime. Militarized police are basically throwing tear gas canisters, arresting people left and right (one was a St. Louis city alderman and friend of mine) and basically showing the world what martial law may well be like in this nation if it keeps up.

A very popular blog called Shit Saint Louis Says (he's a self-described conservative and has served several tours in the Middle East) said something about it today; the guy has been calling out regulars on local message boards for, shall we say, some continually idiotic statements (or, as my buddy David 2 says, Following The Script).

Here's his entry for today (after previously saying on Facebook, "I'm not touching it."): http://www.saintlouiscomments.com/2014/08/ferguson-riots-and-why-ev...

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how has it been one week since this occurred and we still don't know how many bullets were fired into this young man?  

It sounds like a lot of fuckups- they are desparately trying tp contain the truth and cover their asses. I dont know them so that is pure speculation.
And, on top of this horror story, the police in NYC just announced that the man killed by police in a chokehold a couple of weeks ago did not have a chokehold used on him.
So what did I and the rest of the world see? The police are shameless.

Not only that, but the autopsy found a chokehold.

The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, is now  covered extensively on  You Tube. So far 3 witnesses to the shooting have come forward but what they saw is limited. Lots of video there from TV  and the private sector. Lots of rioting and protestor video also.

The autopsy is in and Brown was struck by 6 bullets. 4 in the right arm, 1 in the right eye, and 1 in the top of the head. Some shots caused multiple wounds and all shots appear to be from the front.

I'm going to stop reporting on this shooting now and direct everyone to You Tube where you can use key words and see video that maybe a lot of us have missed. There's even a radio call in there where the woman calling in  claims officer Wilson called Michael Brown a "thief." We know that one isn't true because Wilson knew nothing of the Ferguson Market and Liquor robbery of cigars just minutes before the shooting on Canfield. Both good and bad are on You Tube now with more coming, so this is easier to sort through for a series of events than it was a few days ago.

Sorry I haven't replied lately to this folks. My bad. I need to keep up better, I'll admit. 

Here's the very latest: Gov. Jay Nixon has called out the National Guard, and Amnesty International has announced they are sending a team to Ferguson to monitor the situation. Needless to say, The Usual Suspects are up in arms over AI coming to town.

I'm heartbroken over the whole thing, I'll admit. This is a black eye from which we'll have trouble recovering from for a long, long time. My brother put it like this: It's like a huge boil that's being lanced in the area, and what's coming out ain't pretty.

Here's the most recent installment of the Shit Saint Louis Says blog. The guy who runs it isn't thrilled with comments being made: http://www.saintlouiscomments.com/2014/08/a-quick-fuck-these-people...

Thanks Brent.

This is one of the human rights stories of our time. Fergusun cant be unique - they just got caught with their pants down. Sadly, they are repeatedly dropping their pants, snd they really should stop.

I read daily Kos with a virtual hand over my eyes. It seems like it keeps getting worse.

I hope your brother is right, and after lancing the boil the toxins can drain out and allow healing.

Thanks Sentient. I hope my brother is right as well. But considering what went down last night and some more disturbing news today, I fear it's going to get worse before it gets better.

I lived in East and North side St. Louis as a child, can't say I ever want to return, this just strengthens my hatred for the place. 

I've put the story together pretty well now. It appears that on the day Michael Brown was gunned down that everything on both sides went together to create the perfect storm.

Follow it on You Tube and listen to the witnesses and put it together for yourselves.

An ongoing development here - St. Louis City police shot and killed a 23-year-old black male today in north STL City. Witnesses report the man was acting "erratically" after taking items from the store; a STL Alderman who works at a nearby beauty shop called police.

The shooting took place not far from Ferguson; St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and STL Police Chief Sam Dotson are promising a swift and transparent investigation into the incident. As per policy, the officers involved were placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/st-louis-police...

Now the Klan is coming to Sullivan, Missouri for a rally. This is just 5 miles from me,, and Sullivan used to be one of those "sundown towns" complete with a police chief Klansman and lots of supporters. I knew some of them well but suppose others are hiding in the woodwork. I thought most of them were dead. Now that Sullivan has a few blacks, well I guess not.

The Sullivan mayor said he doesn't support this and even had it in the paper saying so. I'm not sure of the rally date yet but when they come I want to be there yelling GO HOME KLAN. WE DO NOT NEED YOU.


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