What's been going on the last several days in the northern St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, MO - I live in deep south STL city, if that helps - has been almost a crime. Militarized police are basically throwing tear gas canisters, arresting people left and right (one was a St. Louis city alderman and friend of mine) and basically showing the world what martial law may well be like in this nation if it keeps up.

A very popular blog called Shit Saint Louis Says (he's a self-described conservative and has served several tours in the Middle East) said something about it today; the guy has been calling out regulars on local message boards for, shall we say, some continually idiotic statements (or, as my buddy David 2 says, Following The Script).

Here's his entry for today (after previously saying on Facebook, "I'm not touching it."): http://www.saintlouiscomments.com/2014/08/ferguson-riots-and-why-ev...

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Christian Science Monitor had a nice article  about why St. Louis area is so racially screwed up.  The history sounds like a set-up for disaster, balkanized and some areas literally with walls to keep black people out of white neighborhoods.     Sounds like cold-war Berlin.


It was a thoughtful article.  I can't link form here but should come up with a search engine search on "St. Louis Balkanized" or "St Louis Christian Science Monitor".

The Christian Science Monster. I'll Google it.

It's pathetic.  It's also sad that this continues without being report on until there is a tragedy.  I think news is getting stupider and more shallow.  I haven't seen a story on Kimye in days.  I'm a grouchy curmudgeon. 

Supposedly the Klan had a private fund raiser at a private residence around Sullivan, Mo. this weekend August 23rd and 24th. This info can be Googled and is to raise money for Darren Wilson, the officer that fatally shot Michael Brown. Sullivan has long been known as a "sundown town" and Milford Rohrer's was the name of the now long dead Klansman chief of police who kept  everything in line. We do not need this around here any longer and I doubt that we needed it then.

If the Klan has a 'benefit" and not a rally, and only Klansmen are involved privately, what is the real benefit? Non Klansmen cannot attend, so what is this about? A friend of mine says I am wrong on the date of this event and it was the previous weekend. He also says there are more Klansmen around this area than I know about. They just keep quiet about everything and they watch the situation. My friend also says they are in Ferguson watching right now, and they thought about "planting a bomb." I told him the stupid bastards had better stay out of Ferguson and leave this alone.

Whatever the truth of Klan and Sullivan, Mo. you can see responses on the Internet. Some of the locals here are not happy with this news also, and that would serve  to keep any events private. I wonder the mentality here. "Once a sundown town always a sundown town?" Not while I am around.

I posted this on another thread, and thought it was appropriate here too.


I have been feeling powerless to do anything regarding this - or a lot of other - human rights and other important issues.


While making an Amazon purchase, they popped up "Amazon Smile", which allows contribution to many charities.  On searching charities for civil rights institutions in St. Louis, I selected Urban League of St. Louis.


That may not be the # 1 choice.  I don't know enough about it.  But I feel like my tiny contribution actually goes to something that matters to me, and relevant to this topic.


I know I should have it go to Nexus, and expect I will again.  But for the moment, each time I shop Amazon, it will remind me of this issue.

Actually, it's a tiny amount - 0.5% of the purchase.  It's more of a reminder to try to do good.





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