Attention K-Mart Christians: Only 10 more shopping days until the Rapture so buy, buy, buy before you go permanently bye-bye. Remember, you can't take it with you.


Interviews with Harold Camping followers who've given up jobs, marriages and family in order to prepare for the Rapture on May 21st.



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And those who quit jobs, left their relationships and families and generally cut themselves off, how are they going to feel when they realize the day after they've been played for fools?


I just hope none of them does anything really horrible.

The stupids will just wait for the next end of the world. It must be like how people believe even more in something once it's been disproven, to save face.
I put on Facebook that if in the unlikely scenario that Jesus actually returns, I won't let him take me without a fight and can look after my believing friends' pets when they've gone up to heaven. I charge 3 grand an animal and would prefer to be paid in advance.
Here's a thought.  Make a bet with one of Camping's followers for, oh say, $100,000.00 that the rapture won't happen.  And, fully let them know that if they're right, there is no way you can collect.  However, on the off chance that they're wrong, have them sign a deed over to you on their house and title to their car before the May 21st, and you agree not to register them till May 23rd.  See how many takers you get.


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