C'mon people!  There are only 2 more days left of the Fundraising Drive for AN.  I KNOW there are more of us out there who could spare a few dollars for this Awesome and Necessary site!!!!  It's important!!!!!  Look on the right-hand side of the homepage and give something to help!!!

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I hope the drive generates more $$$$.

I love that toaster!

I just found this site and would be heartbroken if it disappeared . I can't give any money now...I am guessing the drive is over for this year...but, now we are starting a new one. I would be happy to donate if I only knew how. I see there are 30,490 members on this group and I am amazed at how little was donated. If every member donated $0.50.....you would have enough. I just find that very hard to believe. If all else fails....what about paid membership ?

Well I will be buying through the A/N Amazon link in the future - I buy lots of stuff on Amazon. 

If you shop on Amazon, this also is a good way to support A/N. 

I wish I would have seen the Amazon link before xmas, but I did make a donation. I just wish I had more to spare.

There's a link to amazon.ca on the Amazon links page. 

For years all of my donation money has gone to church-state separation organizations.

I've been visiting AN for about a year. It's terrific software, and my many chats with people here persuaded me to add AN to my list.

Everyone, have a great 2014.

Even though the 2013 Fundraising Drive officially ended on December 30, you can still make a donation using the link on the side of this page.  I just did today, January 1.  And I'm sure Richard appreciates a donation whenever you're financially able any time of the year. 

Here's hoping that 2014 at Atheist Nexus will be as wonderful as it was in 2013. 

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