Here is an email I just sent to a female friend, who is going to visit a woman who lives on the street.  This woman spends all day every day sitting on a canvas bag on the concrete side walk.  Often she is having heated arguments with persons unseen.  I've tried to give her things like fruit and a new tooth brush three times, but she refuses.  Maybe she'll respond better to women.

Thanks for taking an interest.  Her entire life is just being out on the sidewalk.  I guess the only alternative is to let the State further assault her with a psychiatric diagnosis.  Its not fair.  The whole system is not fair.  There should be some place for her to go which is safe and secure, and where she can become involved in things.  And most of all, what is always missing, there should be ways to pursue redress and obtain vindication over past harms.  People who have been harmed should not be made out to be the ones at fault, and yet this is what religion does.  Rather there needs to be redress and vindication so that people can again have the right to a public identity.  As there is a need for an active struggle for justice, people need the chance to become involved in this struggle.  Religion does nothing here.  People used to say that marijuana leads to harder drugs.  For many drug users they say that drinking leads to using drugs.  Well I say that alcohol and drugs can lead to religiosity.  Drugs, alcohol, and religion are just means of escape, they do nothing to restore justice for those who have been victimized.


You see the problem.  A State psychiatric diagnosis might give her some benefits, but it also disables her.  There are religious programs, but these things are extreme indoctrinations into an objectivist and literal theism.  These programs are simply psychological abuse.

Both of the approaches prevent there from ever being redress.  There are no programs which work on redress and emancipation.  Instead they are all about Recovery.  As I see it, this is just more abuse.


Following is an except of something someone posted somewhere else.  She is very hostile to me and my posts, and made this to try and steer things back in a Recovery / Therapy direction:

I wonder if members of this forum have any knowledge/experience of discharging the negative physically felt 'energy' ( for want of a better word!) in adulthood as a result of childhood sexual and physical abuse.

One can do any amount of primal/deep feeling therapy to rid their psyche of the residue of lifelong repressed and unexpressed feelings, but what of the body? Is there a particular 'therapy' to rid the body of the physical imprints of these abuses which appear as chronic psychosomatic illnesses? Or is the psychotherapy sufficient for both psyche and body?

So as you see, she wants to Recover from negative feelings and residues.  I want nothing of the sort.  Negative feelings are the only possible road to the truth.  Here I follow Alice Miller.  One should never try to do anything to rid oneself of them, in psyche or body.  Any attempt to evade such feelings is denial.

Further, the entire Recovery / Therapy project is nothing more than Liberal Pedagogy.  The older pedagogies are designed to break the child's will, openly.  Liberal Pedagogy serves the same purpose, its just more covert.  Pedagogy, as in the therapy and recovery, is intended to break one of the will and desire to seek redress and vindication.

Breaking the will in order to socialize and make the parents right, is the purpose of pedagogy.  No different for therapy and recovery.  So what the Family System failed to do, people want to pay money to therapists to do, and want to be in recovery venues to do to themselves and each other.

Nothing is more painful than facing the pain.  If one does this, one will only live for redress because only with redress is their emancipation. 

But because the pain is so great we have things like therapy, recovery, and religion.  And there is great great hostility towards anyone talking about redress.  Redress means facing the pain.  Redress means refusing the socializing efforts of pedagogy.  Redress means that the offenses will not be excused, but will be faced openly.  They will be faced in their social context too, meaning that they will be faced for how difficult they are to redress.  How much our society supports the abuses and protects the perpetrators, will be faced.

Those of us who know that there is something wrong with the Family System need to organize and start fighting back against denigration on every front, and then fighting for redress and emancipation

Continuing to read When a Child Kills, by Paul Mones.

He defends parricide cases.  Unlike a therapist he is not trying to socialize.  So when he talks about his clients he is simply trying to help us understand what has already happened.  Its one of the most intense books I have ever read.

about music:

I am offended by Born Again Christian music.  I am offended by just how saccharine it is, and just how much it depends on a literal objectivist theism.  It revolts me.  I wouldn't hear it, except that some people play or schedule it to be performed.

For myself I find other things to listen to.

Lisa Fischer:

U2, Fergie, Mick Jagger


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