"Secular humanist" seems to be one of the non-confrontational terms for Atheist lately, along with skeptic, non-theist, "none," and many more.  I just found out there is such a thing as "Secular Day," which falls on Thursday, April 23, 2015.  You can check it out on YouTube.  I'm wondering if any of my fellow atheists are planning anything for this day, e.g. events, celebrations, music, entertainment, chat sessions, letting someone know you're an atheist...  I also found out that my favorite atheist entertainer, comedian/musician Tim Minchin is appearing at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX, that evening.  Wish I could go, but can't.  Anyone interested in a Main Room chat for Secular Day to share adventures/misadventures?  Do atheists have a mascot or logo other than the big red "A" to use or wear?  Xians have that pointy T-shape torture device symbol and bunnies and bearded guys in red suits.  It would be nice to have something to counteract that stuff.  Any ideas?

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Next scheduled day to celebrate being secular seems to be May 7, National Day of Reason.  Wish we had more days of reason and fewer days when mass delusions dominate in the US!  Hooray for Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Tim Minchin, Roy Zimmerman, Bill Maher and all others who promote reason, sanity, humanism, and secular living!

The Irish humanists  go under the name secular Sunday. There's a brave display in Ireland.


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