Operation Orion (and Bulldog actually) rescues 18 kids.. arrests 190! And they wanna complain about the feds, pfffft...

Wow.. unreal read(s)... yet considering the rise of cults post Bush error.. yeah gotta stay vigilant folks. Take no shit and don't let shit slide with bad people (call them on their crap)



(interesting replies at URL btw)

from john tod-

Anyone convicted of sex crimes involving children should have their sex organs removed!
I know that this sounds crazy, but the punishment should fit the crime! Children who go through this kind of torture never, NEVER, can live a normal life.
They are never the same after this kind of abuse.
To remove the sex organs of the abuser is very radical I know this but, nothing that we are currently doing is slowing down or stopping this from going on. The people doing this are sick, deranged predators of the very worse kind.
Fight fire with fire!


my question. when do they take away the 'faith based' initiatives that i betcha trickle down to child abusing types...

guy down the way here (known to be creeper) had 'real men love jesus' on the back of his van. sick shit. cya

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And also, prison for life. And when I say life, none of this eligibility for parole. Ever. They will die in prison. Period. End of story. (Along with having their nuts cut off, also given depro-provera, chemical castration).

I would give them one option though. Just like in 'Escape from New York', they can always opt for termination. Just say the word, zap. End of story.

Irony i just read here:

about how messed up the religion option for criminals is
how you gonna tell a pot selling aclhi that happens to be catholic his or her rosary is witchcraft LOL pesky protestants etc.. wtf jokes on the denomination$


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