Hello everyone, i recently(20 minutes ago) started wondering what intelligent people thought about the death penalty, i consider myself by no means close to highly intelligent so i'd like to ask:

What do you think about the death penalty?

personally i don't like it, death isn't punishment fitting of crimes like rape, murder, kidnapping, child-molestation etc.

i think lifetime imprisonment is the way to go. ^^

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Why do Conservatives think government doesn't work, but know the judicial system is the best thing in the world flawless?
Because they are generally the one's running it, and they don't believe in the constitution. Both camps are extremely disingenuous.
Frankly some form of lifetime slavery seems far better in my eyes than a penalty of death, what with society being able to actually get something out of the condemned that way.
Or, just have them make some kind of cotton fabric material formed into a fitting pant. I meant pant's like a blue jean kind of thing, or just let them rot in jail. Fucking pieces of shit.
I don't care if they committed the crime or not. Someone has to pay for it.
They already do that. Virtually all government furniture is made by prisoners earning virtually nothing for it.
well, they have to repay society some way
Oh, of course. I'm just saying that it already happens.
well yes, i was just saying that they shouldnt get payed no matter how much they work, that's what i meant anyways.
The money usually goes to their families or to buy what little is offered in the commissary.
Why should I pay to keep people in prison for life? I didn't force them to commit a crime. I think they should work while detained. The earnings should go to pay the cost of keeping them in there.
The system is flawed. If someone comes up with a better one I'm all for it. As of yet there haven't been any constructive alternatives put forth. As the system sits I say make them work some how to pay for it. Take the burden off of us not in prison.

The earnings should go to pay the cost of keeping them in there.

A lot of it does, albeit indirectly. Whatever money that the state would have spent buying prison made goods somewhere else goes into other things, like paying for prisons.

That used to be considered unfair competition against business, but now that the prison system is ran by private enterprise it's just another form of labor.





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