Hello everyone, i recently(20 minutes ago) started wondering what intelligent people thought about the death penalty, i consider myself by no means close to highly intelligent so i'd like to ask:

What do you think about the death penalty?

personally i don't like it, death isn't punishment fitting of crimes like rape, murder, kidnapping, child-molestation etc.

i think lifetime imprisonment is the way to go. ^^

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Prison now a days is nothing but modern day slavery.  Especially when you factor in the race and socioeconomic disparities in sentencing for drug crimes. 

I agree with the modern day slavery analogy. There is a Prison Strike in Georgia. Prisoners are refusing to work and want the following:



How can you tell a truck is stolen?

NO cops know
personally i am very familiar with it being from Norway myself :P

but yeah it's much more effective here in Scandinavia than it is in America

We don't rehabilitate, we punish and ostracize the people that run afoul of the law.  We have an obscene obsession with punishment in this country.  It's no wonder our recidivism rate is abhorrent.  That and the prison system is inundated with people who should be in mental health hospitals.      

The death penalty is an excuse that a society makes, in believing we are not responsible for anothers crime. Take the child, who is hurt and abused and ends up a killer. No -one cared, therefore they, the child grew up .. and stopped caring. Who is responsible? Death penalty makes it too easy for us to overcome our fears of others with no accountability. They are bad, we are good.


I think the death penalty is more about revenge, than it is justice.


Also, since most humans don't want to kill another or be responsible for their death, it is very difficult for people to convict a person if the death penalty may be the punishment. As such, people will let a criminal go free rather than kill them. We still have a real distaste at ending a human life. As we should. It also stops us from creating justice in our community.


Death Penalty, numbs our humanity. It is a very dangerous endeavour.

"The death penalty is an excuse that a society makes, in believing we are not responsible for anothers crime."
I personally am only responsible for my actions. I take responsibility for my actions. If you kill another person due to neglect or intention it is in no way my fault. If you suffer from abuse or mental defect it is not my fault. That is unless I personally damaged you.
I haven't always been in a good financial situation, but I didn't turn to crime for support.(Also no one bailed me out.)This doesn't make the death penalty correct. But your logic is not correct either. People choose to ignore what is right. If as an atheist you think that morals are intrinsic to all humans. Then you must acknowledge that crimes are committed by people that are ignoring what they know to be right.

I think it should be a last resort action, not a first resort. A serial killer is better off kept alive for investigation. However, when a person cannot be controlled by any other means, even isolation, then the person should be executed to protect the greater community. There are those who turn their violence on fellow inmates and guards, and those who are great at escaping and killing (such as Ted Bundy). At that point, yes, it is necessary to execute, as the potential lives of those future victims are of higher value.


But, those who are put to death because of party laws, I most strongly disagree with. You screwed up by giving guns to your fellow gangmembers for robbing a crack house. But I do not think your death will protect future victims.

Escape and prison violence is an incarceration quality problem. It shouldn't be used as an excuse to execute.

If we're going to keep it then it should be done by nitrogen based hypoxia. I think our two biggest problems in relation to our prisons I feel is the overcrowding and the fact that we have laws on the books for victimless crimes. Given that I live in Texas and how we've been rather exuberant with the needle I think the death penalty should be banned in this state. Or at least until the state has proven it has taken measures and establish safeguards to prevent the innocent from being executed.

I think i agree with you about Texas.  I'm assuming that nitrogen hypoxia is painless?  Maybe mix in some nitrous oxide to make it more enjoyable?

Yes. I'm going to give you a link to a series of five videos from a BBC Horizon (the equivalent of PBS NOVA) documentary that detail the various legal execution methods here in the States, and how the experts view them. The last one specifically deals with the last tid bit of nitrogen based hypoxia so if you want to only watch the hypoxia vids then you'll still have to watch the fourth video to get the full portion.







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