Hello everyone, i recently(20 minutes ago) started wondering what intelligent people thought about the death penalty, i consider myself by no means close to highly intelligent so i'd like to ask:

What do you think about the death penalty?

personally i don't like it, death isn't punishment fitting of crimes like rape, murder, kidnapping, child-molestation etc.

i think lifetime imprisonment is the way to go. ^^

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Which tomb would that be? lol

whoops, I meant tome, sorry.

Because we've accepted that some killing is ok.

Killing a person who wants assisted suicide should be ok.

Killing someone who is a mortal threat should be ok.

Killing someone who is a mortal threat is okay, it's called "self-defense" but requires you not use excess force than what is needed to subdue the person. >.>


And yeah, I think assisted-suicide for terminally-ill patients should be allowed.

Should my grandfather suffering with terminal cancer who is in chronic pain have to resort to such measures?


I don't subscribe to the perceived mortal threat argument. Just because someone may be depressed doesn't mean that the police should oblige their judgement that suicide by cop is warranted.



Amnesty International Death Penalty Facts October 2010. Mostly U.S.A. data.


Since 1973, over 130 people have been released from death rows throughout the country due to evidence that they were wrongfully convicted. In 2009 alone, 9 wrongfully convicted defendants were released from death row.



Well of course, death itself is not a penalty, it's simply a way to remove the risk of reoffense in the future. In a perfect world, I have no issues with death as the consequence of certain criminal acts.


As a counterpoint, the concept of penalty/punishment I find to be completely ridiculous. As I find jails completely ridiculous, they are training grounds for bigger and better criminals. Even more than the lack of 'value' to our penal system, it is moronically expensive. In Canada and the USA, prisoners cost more to the nation than do the unemployed and students. Where the hell are our social priorities?


However, huge however, what is faulty is not the death sentence per se but our exptremely inefficient and biased system of justice, and our general legal context. I disagree with at least half the laws in existence in our society, so to see people punished for laws I disagree with in the first place is more than annoying (drug laws are best example).


In addition, in our present legal context, the death sentence is by far the most expensive verdict the law can reach, because of the appeal procedures, which are required, because the legal system is so faulty...


A situation where I agree with a death sentence is for example in the context of a social uprising/revolution. Revolutions which fail to topple the heads of the previous leadership are failed or shortlived revolutions. Holders of wealth and power can only be reshaped or kept down for so long, they eventually - more sooner than later - bounce back.


So am I against it in our present context to maintain our unhealthy balance of power/status quo? yes

Am I against it in theory? no


As far as punishment, I much prefer a system of community 'payback'. I'd vote for a chain gang over a prison cell anyday. AS LONG as they are NOT replacing previously salaried positions.


I don't think the death penalty serves any purpose other than revenge. In terms of economics it cost more to execute a prisoner than keeping them incarcerated for life. One solution might be is to give the convicted a life without a chance of parole sentence, but provide a locked box in the cell (opened with the prisoners biometrics). In the box is a lethal does of barbiturates that the prisoner can take if and when they wish to end their incarceration. That removes the burden of killing from the state and places it on the convicted should they so choose. I would guess that a significant number would take the quick way out. Were I in that situation I would take the barbiturate rather than rot in a cell for the duration

that's.... brilliant ^^

passive aggressive at it's worst.
i'm sorry what?

To lock someone up and offer a death potion to relive their suffering is passive agressive. 

Imagine what the guards would do to enforce this mandate.







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