We attacked Iran to sooth US President's King's ego, and grab headlines away from impeachment.

That shows the world how great we've become, right? <manic laughter> He's assuming Unitary Executive power, ignoring Congress.

Who Will Stop Trump’s War on Iran?

The killing of Suleimani, a popular figure in Iran, has been described as a major escalation in hostilities between the United States and the Islamic Republic. But that’s an understatement. As Andrew Exum, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for Middle East policy, wrote in The Atlantic, “This doesn’t mean war, it will not lead to war, and it doesn’t risk war. None of that. It is war.” It’s unclear how Iran will retaliate, but an intensification of hostilities is almost a certainty.

If Exum is right and the United States is already in a de facto war with Iran, this is a strange conflict. This is a war fought not over natural resources or ideology but rather motivated by petty grievances, with Trump goaded into action by a wounded ego.

The timing of the assassination, coming so soon on the heels of the impeachment, has raised suspicions that Trump is trying to stir up conflict in order distract attention from his political troubles. [emphasis mine] 

I just sent this to my senators: I urge you to cosponsor Tim Kaine's war powers resolution to force a debate and vote in Congress to prevent further escalation of hostilities with Iran. Sen. Richard J. Durbin is an original co-sponsor of the legislation.

Please use your voice to oppose war with Iran.

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Isn't starting a war without approval of Congress an impeachable offense?

Trump could become the only US president in history to be impeached twice!

This is more than a vanity war. It goes back into an old obsessional tactic that Trump had tweeted repeatedly about Obama. Trump was always afraid Obama would try and start a war with Iran to bolster his own popularity. Right now this move by Trump is also an impeachment diversion. We can only suppose that Trump is not afraid of Iranian gunslingers.

I agree, Michael. It's an impeachment diversion and an attempt to grab "war president" popularity.

Plus as Andrew O’Hehir says"A push-button assassination that throws the world into chaos, with little thought of what may follow,...  It’s exactly the kind of thing he’s been longing to do ever since he took office, and now that he’s gotten a taste of it, more will surely follow." 

Apart from the direct global war risks, Trump's vanity war threatens to shorten your life and mine. Emily Atkin reminds us that war will not only abruptly increase carbon emissions, it will also kneecap political US climate activism.

... no one is talking about the climate implications of war because no one realizes how serious and immediate they truly are. ... a declared war with Iran would almost certainly doom the effort to prevent climate catastrophe, thereby ensuring an endless feedback loop of suffering unlike any war the world has seen.

The U.S. military ... is ... the single largest consumer of energy in the United States.

And that’s only the emissions we know about. As Common Dreams rightly notes, “We haven’t counted the massive carbon footprint of America’s endless wars because military emissions abroad have a blanket exemption from both national reporting requirements and the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change.”

..., we know that war makes the military emit far more, especially when that war is airstrike-intensive.

…, 15 percent of all U.S. industry is already associated with production of weapons and other equipment for the military. That would clearly increase during war. Bombings of oil reserves and refineries—which often cause petroleum to burn for months—would also increase emissions.

Climate scientists have modeled out how global temperatures might shift in different geopolitical scenarios. And the scenario that always ends up with the planet in fiery climate chaos is the so-called “regional rivalry” scenario—to put it simply, the one where everyone is fighting, borders are closed, and rich white-led countries like the U.S. are super racist toward less-wealthy countries filled with brown people. [emphasis mine]

The climate cost of war

How will Trump's Vanity war shorten your life? Given that carbon emissions have already increased so much in 2019, just continuing on that not-war path will bring 2 degree C rise in ten years.  You had a decade until being struck by catastrophic climate change, now he's stripping more of your years to live as his war flares.

image source: airstrike, sparks, text mine

The assasination of Soleimani is itself impeachable!

Trump assassinated Soleimani to gain favor with key GOP senators vi...

... President Trump ordered the assassination of a top Iranian general to gain favor with key Republicans whose support is vital to winning his impeachment trial:

Mr. Trump, after the strike, told associates he was under pressure to deal with Gen. Soleimani from GOP senators he views as important supporters in his coming impeachment trial in the Senate, associates said.

Any bets that Soleimani's assassination is the next article of impeachment Schiff wants to introduce?

Let the articles keep coming! There could easily be one a day...

And would impeaching Mitch McConnell for obstruction of justice (he's pledged to coordinate with the White House in Trump's Senate trial) do any good, given that Senate Republicans would almost certainly not vote for his removal? It might still be a worthwhile signal that such behavior is not acceptable. Nancy Pelosi was right when she said that the Founders didn't envision a rogue president at the same time as a rogue leader of the Senate.

(The Senate, like the  House, can vote to expel members for misconduct on its own; that takes a constitutionally mandated 2/3 supermajority, as with removal after impeachment.)

That seems pretty plain to me. Also note the the DOJ has now closed all investigations into Hillary but Trump keeps on one way or another. Now he is bugging a Senator to open up all things about Joe and Hunter Biden. Trump appears to know that Joe Biden is his main opponent in 2020 and wants to discredit him in the same ways that brought about his impeachment in the first place. If you watch him Trumps big main message is "it is me and all about me and everyone before me was corrupt and I'm gonna prove it." Of course, it proves nothing except that he is like a squeaking wheel and a lying one at that. After a time some people start to believe him. This is Trump. The grifter and conman.

Trump, and Republicans in general, are only engaging in a time-honored "Tradition!":

'Projection... projection! Projection!' (caption over scene from Fiddler on the Roof, with Tevye and other characters singing 'Tradition!')

(with many apologies to Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock)




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