This one seems a bit creepy, like the middle one shouldn't be able to change rotation like that. 


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how in the heck does this work??? bizarre!
I put this one up some months ago.
Yes it should, because both rotation's silhouettes are identical
For me all three of them change!

That's very cool!  I love that website -- I visit it daily -- it has all kinds of neat stuff -- especially the lolcats

: ). 

Thanks for sharing that!

Here's a new illusion. When you focus on one box, the other one moves.

If you have astigmatism, they both different directions.

For me, they both move. I don't know if it's from astigmatism, because I DO have that, but I can't keep either one of them still! :-)

Only the center box moves for me, no matter where I focus.

They both move for me.  In different directions.

Here's an illusion that I found pretty amazing... shows us in a very frightening way, how our brains just don't always work properly...

I suggest you look through the whole video, by focusing on the center point. Then look at the video a second time, focusing on the faces... and you'll notice the difference.

The way the producers lined up the eyes, I get an illusion of two faces which keep changing expression as they stare at me, like microexpressions. Some of the individual expressions are grim, and one a bit threatening (angry). I think it makes me uneasy because it seems to be faces that I can't read. To compare this to objects, it's as if one stared at a tool which kept flickering between a hammer, a saw, and a toothbrush, and you couldn't tell how to use such a tool.




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