Howdy folks, I'm Russ and I just don't believe in God.  Period.  No big explanation forthcoming although I'm certainly capable of boring you all to death with yet another variation of Bertrand Russell's famous argument.  The bottom line though is that I just don't buy into religion and I'll leave it at that.  As far as other stuff about me is concerned, here's the low down:


I like rock and roll, books, gardening, MMA, NFL and the outdoors.  I've almost completely given up on radio in favor of podcasts and mp3s and TV in favor of the  computer.  I'll take Kirk over Picard, Ginger over Mary Ann, coffee over tea, whiskey over beer and the Oakland Raiders over everyone else.


Politically I am all over the place.  Conservatives think I'm liberal, liberals call me conservative but as long as no one calls me a democrat or republican I'm okay.  I support both the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project but I promise not to pontificate on them unless asked first and then I'll keep it to a bare minimum.


I drive a truck for a living and call the road my home.


Well that's it, nice to meet all of you and I will now peruse the boards.





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Russ welcome to Nexus.  I think I'll take Sisko over Picard or Kirk, but I agree with you on the coffee over tea.  I think I'll take Lost over Gilligan's Island.  Not sure about the rest.  Cheers.
well said Russ....its nice to hear that big long stories and why why why...just dont period..sounds great


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