Organize or die. It may just save your life. Literally.

In the wake of the massive tragedy in Norway, I implore all my atheist friends here to join the National Atheist Party. Your life may one day depend on it.
Anders Breivik may be just one motivated theocrat in another country, but it's not like we haven't seen this before.
I was there, in Oklahoma working as a news director at a radio station, when Tim McVeigh blew up the Murrah Federal Building. I saw the bodies. I reported on the aftermath for months. It can happen again.
And that is not the only threat to our collective well being. We have this looney teabag movement that carries guns to political events. They're controlled by the religious right, who act as gatekeepers to keep out anyone who threaten their agenda.
Then there's Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and even Roy Moore, the 10 commandments judge from Alabama, all running for president.
This may just seem like a healthy exercise of democracy (kind of), but when they lose, they're gonna be pissed
What's more, the nutjobs like Breivik & McVeigh, and even the non murderous ones in the tea party, feel they are morally sanctioned to impose their silly ass fairy tale book on all of humanity.
They will not stop until they win or are soundly defeated.
This is why I joined the National Atheist Party, and ask you to do the same.
Organize or die. There is no third choice.

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Hyperbolic much?
stick your head in the sand much?
I'm gonna go with hyperbolic unless you can explain how the National Atheist Party will put an end to all terrorism. Does that include racial or ideological terrorism which is not religious in nature?
Simple. You want your rights & life protected, you band together. We are against racial & ideological terrorism. We may call ourselves a party, but we're a civil rights movement as much as anything else. Our goal is to win acceptance.
Will it stop terrorism? Are there hate crimes committed?
What we want to do is to make it unacceptable to discriminate against atheists. African Americans and the gay community have accomplished this, and now it's our turn. We will engage in lobbying & awareness, but we're going to fight through the ballot box as well, and kill this defacto religious test politicians are now subject to. It's no panacea or a quick fix, but it's not sticking our heads in the sand either.
So unless we do things your way we are sticking out heads in the sand?
Way to twist my words around. Good job.

Sadly I think you're right Joe... a civil war is a real possibility - it is better however than outright domination by the plutocrats using theocracy to more easily bend the population to their will, organized religion is after-all the oldest, best, and cheapest method of mind control available to the evil-blood-sucking-fuckers. We need to start working to together, and arming ourselves. What happened in Norway will happen again... I mean if it can happen in what I thought to be the most secular, peaceful, and equitable country on earth... the US and Canada - and the rest of the world are blood baths waiting to happen.


That said I disagree with the idea of an atheist party - being an atheist simply means not following/believing in God(s). A political party that includes the idea that, 'faith is a vice while trust is a virtue...' is another matter -  Currently I vote for the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada 

Why? They are the only ones that actually begin to deal with some of the obvious problems of society. They also have a candidate in my riding.


I am interested in decision making and decision making processes so I am interested in researching alternative, ideally superior, methods of governance.

Sophia, I will take that as a compliment. Please visit the site:
Same here.
Fine. Don't join.
All I know is I'm fighting theocracy the only way I know how.
Aristotle once said Humans are, by nature, political animals. Being an ateist is, in a sense, a political stance, because by stating you are an atheist, you set yourself against the Christian Imperialists out to take over this country.
Don't like politics. Fine. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. So, let me do that job and reach the people on the nexus that do want to join.
I'm not forcing anyone to join, but if you want to fight the theocrats in the real world, then you do it in the political theater. That's what I do.
That's what the National Atheist Party was made to do.
Again with the assumptions.  You say that I am twisting your words but, it sounds like you are saying that atheists who don't join your Party aren't interested in politics.  Or don't see a need for change.  That isn't going to get people on your side.
Secular Coalition wants to see more atheists elected. We definitely want to work with them




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