What is your response to those who think websites like these only serve the purpose to organize hate?

Do you think that this site might propogate another 'people of hate' if ideas about religion/religious people are not controlled (or thought through, if ideas are uneducated)? That there might be another 'crusade' where either the relgious or atheists are killed by the other?

This is for Research purposes....

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I think they are off-base. Atheist are the lest hateful people that I've ever come across. Xtians are the hate-mongers. Just go to their sites and read what they post, how the comment, etc.
So the best way to rid the world of hate-mongers is by BECOMING hate-mongers?
Are you a hate monger?
I never said that, nor did I suggest that. This site is a network for like-minded people. It is not a subversive, underground movement to eradicate religion or freedom of religion.
So what would be wrong with those of religion trying to eradicate those who are atheist?

Just playing Devils Advocate...God's Advocate rather...X-Chrisitain and I don't think that many of the ahtheists or even other X Christians on this sight understand Christianity in the slightest.
Sorry Dallas, that was directed to AE
But if you are atheist, why would they not welcome you... just like we hate that Christians disrespect us...why would said feelings not be felt by them.
Those of more extreme faith will construe any criticism of their religious beliefs as "hateful" there's really no way to get around it. the "big 3" religions all have rather shady things to say about "non-believers". Christians an Muslims can be especially harsh to non believers as our very presences is a hindrance to their "salvation".

Remember that the afterlife is more important to Christians and Muslims than their life here on earth so a threat to thier afterlife is more grave than a threat to their actual life.
In my not so humble opinion, religion also makes people dread death if they don't believe in them.
Not true...You can criticise a faith without being hateful, as you can a race or friend....

There are those who are over the extreme and think that any 'attack' or inquiry of Christianity or Islam, is hateful...but has it ever occured to you that they themselves are not fully educated about their own religion.... If they were, the crusades would not have happened, slavery in the US not 9/11 would have happened....as no where in any of these religions, does 'God' premote hate.
How can you criticise a race? I'm not being silly here, I guenuinely want to know how you can "criticise a race". (Unless you don't mean "race" as in "racial groups of the human species", in which case disregard!)
I'm not at all sure you can criticise a race without being bigoted or prejudiced, and although you can certainly do it without ACTIVELY hating. Bigotry and prejudice are linked to hatred in inextricable ways.
Ah. Well, now I've read the rest of the thread and not expecting a reply.




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