What is your response to those who think websites like these only serve the purpose to organize hate?

Do you think that this site might propogate another 'people of hate' if ideas about religion/religious people are not controlled (or thought through, if ideas are uneducated)? That there might be another 'crusade' where either the relgious or atheists are killed by the other?

This is for Research purposes....

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How about this?
Christian haters say god hates fags and the USA. Atheist haters say god hates shrimp and cotton-polyester blends? The first photo portrays hatred, the other sarcasm.
Don't you mean, shellfish god?
This is beautiful :P
Interesting discussion except that AE doesn't answer questions.

Atheists hate what religion stands for not the people who are influenced by it. They can hate the disease not the poor, innocent, submissive people who are manipulated and dominated by the leaders of religions.

If, as you declare, you are an atheist you must be aware of the suffering caused because religion forbids people to think for themselves. If you can't see this then your "Reseach" should be done on the history of religion and the way the religions are willing to slaughter millions.
Hey everyone,
You know I've noticed a few things here about Antonett.
First despite numerous requests he has not posted any info about the research they claim to be doing.
Second. Painting all Atheists with the same wide brush Dipped in Stereotypical mud.
Third The claim that Atheists just don't know and understand christians and christianity. Why is it when two christians meet up and one says to the other that they are a christian, they congratulate each other and no further testing or verification of their knowledge of christianity is needed? Yet if those same christians meet up with someone who says they do not believe in christianity suddenly they are required to have more knowledge of christianity than all of the christian scholars throughout history before they can make such a claim? I mean a christian who is a highschool dropout can meet up with an EXminister who has had 10 years of theological training and a degree in theology and another 10 years experience as a minister, before they came to the realization that christianity is a farce, But yet that christian will try to tell the atheist EXminister that they just need to study the bible more and they will gain the wisdom to see that yes, there is a God. Go figure.
Did you see the link in the preceding post ?
I don't think any atheists want everyone to think alike. that's the beauty of atheism, you can believe whatever you want. But we ground ourselves in reality and don't venture towards the fantastical. I like the one thing all atheists have and common and a common belief is that we just want everyone to think.

religion is a lazy way in answering questions related to the world instead of taking time to go out and do your research.
Certainly, believe what you want, just back it up.
Don't move; let me eat that mouse that's crawling up your back.

Atheists are freakin' cats man, we can't do shit as a group--even hate. I already hate religion and all other irrationalities and false connections with endless passion, but this site's mostly full of 1. people like me, 2. pussies, and 3. spammers from Turkey, so who's gonna get convinced? (rhetorical)
2, I knew, sooner or later, those polydactyl cats would make it online.




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