What is your response to those who think websites like these only serve the purpose to organize hate?

Do you think that this site might propogate another 'people of hate' if ideas about religion/religious people are not controlled (or thought through, if ideas are uneducated)? That there might be another 'crusade' where either the relgious or atheists are killed by the other?

This is for Research purposes....

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I don't think that there has ever been an instance of someone killing someone else in the name of rational inquiry. There have been plenty of cases of people of faith killing atheists though. I don't see this changing.
True...but there are plenty more ideas/reasons that atheists have used to kill through out history. My question is asking whether or not killing in the name of rational inquiry WILL one day happen if the uneducated assumptions of religion are not controlled....
Which atheists are you referring to here? Just doing research...
To kill in the name of rational inquiry may not be all that rational, making the question an odd one.

There are plenty of ideas and reasons that "atheists" have used to kill... but none of those ideas have stemmed from their atheism. They stem from some other ideology (another "ism" that is held with no room for dissent, questions or inquiry (Communism, Fascism, etc.).

Atheism is just a response to theism. If there were no religions, there would be no need for the outspoken atheist (we don't see unicornists or gnomeists running around). Some atheists are as dogmatic as the religious people they oppose, so I can see violence coming from that quarter, but the proponents of critical thinking and rational inquiry will not be dogmatic by their very nature (inquiry does not allow for dogma) and therefore not prone to violence born of the dogmatic acceptance of an idea.

Agreed! Atheist do not kill xtians based on their atheism.
This site is not about hate, it is about reasoned enlightenment. There will be no "atheist crusade" against the religious in any violent manner - atheists do not blow up churches, firebomb innocents, or otherwise torture people for their beliefs. They (and by that I mean me) do mock them for their foolishness and try to thrust a bit of reason and common sense into their skulls. But violence and death? Not from our end at least.
You truly believe that Chrisians and those of religion have no common sense or cannot reason?

I know plenty that do...
Perhaps not all of them. I've know some very liberal xtians. But there is a strong and populous streak in xtianity that does not allow for reason, common sense, or rational inquiry. Some preachers think you are the devil for even questioning them.
But to question evolution or any other scientific theory of life, doesn't that require the ability to reason...as Christians do? And which preachers?
Antonett Ewan wrote on December 17, 2008 But to question evolution or any other scientific theory of life, doesn't that require the ability to reason...as Christians do?

Not really. I used to participate on a discussion board where a religion teacher at a Christian high school each year gave his students an assignment. They had to go to the discussion boards and post an e-mail, in reply to posts by atheists. I was really surprised at the poor quality of the posts, compared to my own high school education and quality of composition. Every one who chose to respond about evolution just posted clichés, like “Believing in evolution takes too much faith for me,” and “Our teachers teach us both evolution and Intelligent Design and let us make up our own minds,” and “There is no evidence at all to support evolution.” A few of the kids stuck around for a few days and chatted. It was pretty clear that none of them knew a thing about evolution.

I listen now and then to a local Christian radio station, where there are a couple of preachers who make a habit of ridiculing the theory of evolution and touting the Argument from Design to prove the existence of a creator god. They are so factually weak that they can only appeal to an especially poorly educated audience.

I have never had any encounter with anyone who ‘does not believe in evolution’ who actually had any understanding of it.
You must admit, many religions do not leave much room for reason. They are based on faith.
You for one obviously can not.



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