What is your response to those who think websites like these only serve the purpose to organize hate?

Do you think that this site might propogate another 'people of hate' if ideas about religion/religious people are not controlled (or thought through, if ideas are uneducated)? That there might be another 'crusade' where either the relgious or atheists are killed by the other?

This is for Research purposes....

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I wouldn't feel the need to respond to anyone who thought that this site's purpose was to organize hate because I know that they are wrong. Certainly I could tell them that the purpose is to gather atheists for a sense of community, for discussion about issues that matter to us as a group (as much as we can be called a "group"). Like all social forums on the web there are people of all personalities, temperaments and tolerance. They can either accept my answer or not, it makes no difference to me. Hate isn't a word I'd use to describe people here and definitely not myself. I don't hate religious people as a group, as much as I disagree with them and even hate some of the things that they do, that would be just as stupid as hating someone because of their race.
Dawn K: I don't hate religious people as a group, as much as I disagree with them

Hate the religion, don't hate the people. As I repeat often, they are in a state of voluntary insanity - its a sickness and sickness can be cured.

hate some of the things that they do

Hatred of Islamists that murder complete strangers is hard to control, nor do I feel that hatred of them is unjustified. I do however think of them as little more than a gigantic Manson gang, but clean living and on steroids.
I do however think of them as little more than a gigantic Manson gang, but clean living and on steroids.

The Cult of Personality and mob mentality. It's hard to turn the tide once a person is deeply involved in either. Dare speak out and best case be ridiculed, shunned and expelled from the group. At worst, in religious extremism, have your life put in danger merely for having the gal to disagree.
Hate what you do, not you...is that not what Christians do and are bashed for.
I was not describing the people here...I was asking if, like many other 'groups', if ideas are not acurate and educated, then do you think that atheists groups can just become another group of hate?
No [*] - to us, morality and ethics are self-evident truths that any non-socio/psychopathic mind will arrive at if left to itself. Religion usurping this is probably the greatest act of treason against reality ever perpetrated.

Hate ? Yes I hate. I hate stupidity, because stupidity kills and retards society. Stupidity is a preventable disease. That is a different form of hate.

[*] There are, of course, the atheist posers that have no interest in the philosophy and just use it as a fashion statement. These do do a lot of stupid things (vandalising tombstones, shredding bibles etc.) that make us look bad.
Addendum - I don't even hate the real religious nutjobs like Fred Phelps or the Discovery Institute. I view them in the same way as I view children in wheelchairs - a mixture of pity and grief. Their minds are in wheelchairs.
As Hitler saw that Jews retards his society? And for what reason other than they looked different....you think Christians/religious people retard society because they think different?
The difference is that Jews didn't mentally choose to teach people of things which are no longer generally accepted by science, in fact it was quite the opposite. The reason many Jews migrated was because they were actors, artists, writers and scientists. In one or way outspoken to certain attitudes.

With Christianity however, people seriously claim that the world is 6.000 years old, that dinosaurs existed with humans and that demons physically exist in this world. They basically believe in knowledge people believed in sveral hundred years ago, it's outdated and thus it does lead to mental regression. What happens when teachers prefer teaching the children the wrath of god in school instead of mathematics? It's already happening, some schools don't teach biology at all because it doesn't agree with the idea of ID. In addition, there is an utter lack of education regarding protection during sex, and would you prefer having a society akin to the Voctorian where even mentioning sex would be the deadliest sin? I am for an open society where we can discuss anything, Christianity does in no way tolerate this as it speaks against homosexuality, other religions, atheism and whatnot. And these are just the examples I can get on top off my head.
They don't think differently! That's the whole point of religion. They may disagree on certain theological details or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin but fundamentally they are exist within the parameters of cultural hegemony, not outside of it.
I think she meant differences between christains and atheists (not between other christains), but I agree with what you said.
Yes, if it is research, then search through the site and see if you can find a single instance of pure "hate" a la stormfront or Westboro Baptist. I've never seen a single instance. If you do find one, do share - it would interest us all. Though more likely than not it would be some god freak that's slipped through the net.



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