And yes we do have a worse acronym:



Atheist/Humanist/Non-Believer/Skeptic/Agnostic/Free Thinker/Bright/Irreligious/Anti-theist/Non-Theist/Post-Theist/Heathen

I'm sure there's more. I wasn't sure if I also wanted to include nihilism or existentialism because although they deny the existence of gods and goddesses, they have a bit more than simple denial of deities to them.

What does everyone think about the state of our current organization? Now that we are a fairly sized population that is growing, we seem to be more encouraged to organize in local groups, online groups, and national groups. But in all honesty it feels like we don't like to make communities that bring people together, volunteer time, collect money for good causes, or provide regular events! If I want to join with atheists in my town, it's not that easy. If I actually wanted to attend a group that meet regularly for atheists I would have to drive down South to Denver for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Religious groups seem to have it down when it comes to creating a community. Hell, in the past many of the first things built were churches. There's tons of churches! I could find at least 5 of them walking down one street for 30 minutes! I know we are in our infancy stage when it comes to organizing though.

I understand that no one has the same experiences and prefer certain titles to other, but what do you all think about the diversity of names we have? Is it helpful or unhelpful?

Also, I label myself as a Humanist and find that perhaps they have made the greatest steps towards creating communities that help people and bring them together under a common set of consensual values. So what do you all think about the Humanist philosophy and their ability to organize?

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There's another one, much simpler:

HC - Herding Cats

*sigh You're right about that haha

none            non-religious/non-affiliated/spiritual but not religious

none+           agnostic/negative atheist

none++         positive atheist


Did I miss anything?

Interesting way to group those. I like it.

The way I would imagine a world without the overwhelming religious majority, would somehow include groups of people in communities who gather together to socialize and cultivate their life philosophies. Would you say we are going in that direction as the world gets less religious? And to the philosophy of Humanism, would you say it is better as a title or an organizing force or not at all?

We could look at theists the same way.  

christian catholic buddhist orthodox  muslim zoroastrian pagan mormon pentacostalist episcopalian jewish scientologist santorian animist, or 


haha that's pretty funny and also true.




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